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The Deniz Tek Collection Vol. 1

WH 036LP WH 036LP

"Wild Honey Records is proud to present a new series of releases, following the career of rock'n'roll icon Deniz Tek post Radio Birdman. With this collection, we will reissue (sometimes for the first time in vinyl!) all his solo and band material post '78, with new material, liner notes, and graphics and bonus tracks. We begin with the long-awaited reissue on vinyl of the legendary Visitors LP. From 1978 to 1979 The Visitors were Deniz Tek on guitar, Mark Sisto on vocals, Ron Keeley on drums, Pip Hoyle on keyboards and Steve Harris on bass. Their style was a dark mixture. The band being 3/5ths Birdman, including the chief songwriter, was essentially what the next phase of Radio Birdman would have been, had the band continued on. At the same time, the sound of the band was more like the early Birdman days with the single guitar and keyboard format. The music was hard and heavy, while maintaining a melodic sense unusual in those immediate post-punk days. The Visitors recorded a session's worth of demos at the 8-track Palm Studio in Sydney, essentially playing their entire set live in the studio direct to tape. From this source tape, recorded in one day with minimal overdubs, came a 12 inch vinyl ep, a full length LP, now impossible to find. Now it's finally time for a much needed reissue, complete with the bonus track 'Skimp the Pimp'."