Solo Concertos Vol. 2

NEOS 11028CD NEOS 11028CD

Performed by: Orchestre Pilharmonique du Luxembourg, Robert HP Platz, conductor. Jeroen Berwaerts, trumpet. Olivier Dartevelle, clarinet. Rohan de Saram, cello. Featured works: Cello Concerto, Voyage VII (for trumpet and strings with percussion), and Metamorphosis (for clarinet and string orchestra with percussion). "No need any more for introducing Toshio Hosokawa. Without doubt this Japanese artist belongs to the international top composers, with his works being played all over the world. This CD continues the first disc with Hosokawa's solo concertos (for violin/flute/piano). The 'Cello Concerto' is the second in-memory-work Hosokawa composed for Toru Takemitsu. It appears as a kind of requiem. 'Voyage' is the term Hosokawa assigns to a series of concertos in which the soloist is opposed not by an orchestra, but by the smaller forces of an instrumental ensemble. Here voyage means a journey into the interior, a breathing meditation. The piece is dedicated to the soloist who gave the premiere, the Belgian-born trumpeter Jeroen Berwaerts. 'Metamorphosis' for clarinet and string orchestra with percussion was composed for the Lucerne Festival, whose annual theme in 2000 was 'metamorphoses.' Sabine Meyer, the work's dedicatee, played the premiere with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe conducted by Heinz Holliger."