Remastered To Be Recycled

MNW 2011CD MNW 2011CD

Originally released in 2005; career overview compilation of their best material. "In the late '80s, Union Carbide Productions were an essential live rock & roll experience whose on-stage theatrics made anything happening in front of the stage seem pretty tame by comparison. The underground was a very self-conscious place, where nostalgia for anything prior to the Ramones revolution wasn't as celebrated as it was when Nirvana covered the Shocking Blue's 'Love Buzz.' There were exceptions, of course;The Cramps were self-exiled freaks whose outrageousness (and age) gave them license to pillage the '50s freely, but not many folks were really tapped into the '60s punk shamanism vibe of the Stooges with as clean a feed as these Swedes. The early UCP recordings bear this connection out best on 'Ring My Bell' and the hilarious corporate hedonism of 'Financial Declaration.' Later, though, as they trudged on into the '90s, they embraced a jangling, folksy tenderness that they originally lampooned on earlier work, especially the ultra-snide 'San Francisco Boogie.' The rending of their high-octane fabric probably led to their demise after 1992's Swing. That's not to say that tunes like 'Golden Age' are bad; they just signal some awkward growth within the Union Carbide ranks, growth that ultimately led to greater fruits for Björn Olsson and Ebbot Lundberg's next project, the Soundtrack of Our Lives. To be honest, though, there were plenty of high-octane moments on their later records, too, and Remastered to Be Recycled does a good job of capturing the full picture of this very dynamic and influential Swedish group that can be heard echoing in the campy Turbonegro, the Hellacopters, and their own work with the Soundtrack of Our Lives." --All Music Guide