Famous When Dead II


Second awesome volume in this series, featuring tracks from: Brooks, Mille & Mr. Hirsch, Weekender, Hi-lo, The Soft Pink Truth, Shake, Swayzak with Kirsty Hawkshaw, Playgroup, E-troneek Funk, Shalark, Hans Platzgumer feat. Catriona Shaw. "The long-awaited continuation of the Famous When Dead series reminds us -- those who refuse to stop believing in the essence and virtue of house -- that Playhouse is perhaps not solely, but nevertheless substantially a DJ label: made by DJs for DJs. Well, and DJs love rummaging around in records, discovering records, and most of all, they love presenting the ones they treasure most to the people out there. To even discern these jewels in times of massive vinyl overkill requires a special kind of sensitivity that seems to have been added to the air we breathe in our Playhouse offices. Consequently, part two does not present an overview of the label-own productions, but an outlook on some of the label organisers' personal top preferences. Therefore this isn't a factory tour, but a world tour, and in this case from the perspective of the man who put together this compilation: DJ Ata. Featuring eleven (club) tracks that have more in common as far as the mood is concerned than the style, the type of tracks you want to remember long after an intensive night on the dancefloor has ended, and thanks to this album you can. It includes relatively illustrious (but still very much alive) names such as Swayzak, Playgroup or Hans Platzgumer -- who helps you to come down from this trip with a beautiful downtempo number -- but mainly (still) fairly unknown formations like The Soft Pink Truth, Shake, Shalark or E-Troneek Funk. Not forgetting Mille & Mr. Hirsch, Weekender and Hi-Lo who complete this dazzling compilation of exquisite deepness. The sound is timeless and unpretentious, and in its abstract diversity as direct and gripping as top-quality soul or funk, hence akin to classic Playhouse acts such as LoSoul or Isolée. Ata has done intensive aural research and found contemporary showpieces of his favourite basic ingredients: phat bass lines, dry beats, warm pads, all set to jazzy-organic sounds. A true bonanza for character DJs beyond happy disco house. But one with an almost serious, ceremonial atmosphere. This reminds us that in the best case, house music can even be healing and holy. It's become pretty difficult to conjure up these kinds of powers nowadays. Ata can do that blindfold."