Far Out Spaced Oddyssey


2010 release. Far Out Recordings voyages through the Brazilian archives with this wild trip deep into mutated South American psychedelia, esoteric curios, and trippy electronics. Those broadcasting from the outer regions include the irresistible dreamy folk trio Joyce, Mauricio, and Nana; medieval sambista Jose Mauro; guerrilla space-rockers Binario; Mark Pritchard's sci-fi exotica Troubleman guise; and freaking out lady Aleuda. Having taken a leap of faith with some of Brazil's edgiest artists, the high quality production never falters on 24 mind blowing compositions spread over two genre straddling discs. Twisted soft psych and hard experimentalism from the further fringes of Brazil makes for a cinematic, dancing brew. The result is intoxicating. Spaced Oddyssey Volume 1 kicks off with Jose Mauro's masterpiece "Apocalipse" and Piri's underground carnival "Reza Brava". Both lifted from Far Out Recordings's early compilation of Roberto Quartin's legendary Quartin Records - the tracks are rare, alternative and completely unique. Joyce's acid-folk masterpiece Visions Of Dawn (FARO 138LP), many people's choice as reissue of 2009 having been lost to the world since 1976, spawned the dreamy set-highlight "Tudo Bonito" - the soft psych that emerged from this stunning Parisian session calms before Binario's space rock storm. Their absorbing hybrid is genre hopping, mind rattling and full of wobbly psychedelia. The jazz, rock musicianship is expert, the sense of improvisation intriguing. Rabotnik evolved as an electronic side-project of Rio's Binario. Part soothing soundtrack, part freak-out the neighbors, their atmospheric textures recall Autechre and Boards Of Canada with the mix of complex driving rhythm, meticulous sequencing and minimalism. Far Out's most famous sons Azymuth tie up volume one with two dance floor fillers: "Caca A Raposa" shows Azymuth at the height of their powers on seminal debut Azimuth while classic meets new breed as Rabotnik remix Azymuth's "Os Cara La". Robots and people collide as warped electronica and crazy samba provides a beautifully mad finale. Volume Two is stuffed full of rarities, hidden gems, and unreleased material. The second Oddyssey takes a darker warped electronic detour through Rabotnik and left-field hip-hop and electronic inspired UK producers Kwes, Daz-I-Que, Paul White and Warp Records's Mark Pritchard. Pritchard's Troubleman ends this Intergalactic trip in a funkier dance-floor realm. Also features: APE, Kirk Degiorgio Offworld, Mauricio Maestro & Nana Vasconcelos, Rubens Bassini Y Los Latinos, Orquestra De Tambores De Alagoas, Custom Blue, Victor Assis Brazil and Democustico.