Mindrocker: Anthology of 60s U.S.-Punk Garage Psych
13CD Box


Originally released in 2002, now reissued. The Past & Present label presents a new kind of psych-rock compilation: Mindrockers. With the vast amount of '60s garage and psych compilations that have appeared from around the world in the last few years, it's easy to understand why so many fans of the genre have felt overwhelmed by the deluge. There are, however, a select group of compilations that are widely regarded as genuine must-haves for collectors of '60s singles. Alongside Nuggets, Rubbles, Pebbles, Endless Journey, Chocolate Soup For Diabetics and the Perfumed Garden, Mindrockers stands out as a treasure trove of '60s U.S. psych and garage music. Widely applauded for its high sound quality and detailed liner notes, courtesy of Hans-Herman Pohle, Mindrockers is widely-regarded as the launching-point of many a U.S. psych collection as well as an affordable way to locate rare singles by bands which went on to record classic albums for major record companies. Originally released as a 13 volume series of LPs between 1982-1986 on Line Records and Impact. Numbered limited edition boxed set of 1000 copies. Artists include: The Brogues, Chosen Few, The Au Go-Go's, Chris Morgan & The Togas, The Knickerbockers, The Tikis, Mark & The Escorts, The Other Half, The Jefferson Handkerchief, Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The Seeds, Fire Escape, The Lyrics, Fenwyck, The Del-Vetts, The Banshees, Saturday's Children, The Knaves, Pride & Joy, Sounds Unlimited, The Shadows Of Knight, Oscar & The Majestics, The Lost Agency, The Shady Daze, The Family, Cherry Slush, The Trolls, The Factory, The Charlatans, The Shades, The McCoys, The Myddle Class, The Next Five, The Everpresent Fullness, The Balloon Farm, The Shags, the Fifth Order, The Shape Of Things, The Marauders, The Gray Things, The Kords, The Moving Sidewalks, The Great Believers, Scott McKay Quintet, A-440, Johnny Winter, The Things, The Stoics, The Pandas, The Bad Roads, Satori, Lindy Blaskey & The Lavells, The Standells, Faine Jade, The Leaves, The Music Explosion, We The People, Lord & The Flies, Mathew Moore Plus Four, The Soul Trippers, The Thyme, The Warner Brothers, Capt Groovy & His Bubblegum Army, Gas Company, The Felicity, Lyme & Cybelle, The Fantastic Zoo, The Baroques, The Uniques, John Fred & His Playboys, The Group, The Lost Souls, Jamie Lyons, Randy Fuller, Mark IV, The Bad Seeds, The Surprise Package, The Playboys Of Edinburg, The Rising Sons, Larry Williams & Johnny Watson with Kaleidoscope, The Sparrow, The Denims, The Fugitives, The Bushmen, Family Tree, The Newports, Poother, Unlimited, The Aztecs, Joey Paige, The Minitmen, Head Lyters, The Beeds, The New Yorkers, Saturday's Garbage, The Others, Stained Glass, Liverpool Five, Stone Country, Bedforde Set, The Blue Things, King Bees, The Knight Riders, The Music Machine, The Royal Guardsmen, The Whether Bureau, The Uncalled For, Teddy & The Pandas, The Energy Pack, The Fallen Angels, Primrose Circus, The Wildflower, Euphoria, The Other Side, The Harbinger Complex, The Bold, The Outcasts, Thomas A. Edison Electric Band, The Rationals, The Dantes, The Yellow Payges, The Fabulous Pack, The Pack, The Zoo, ? And The Mysterions, Senator Bobby, Fever Tree, The Statesiders, Bob & The Avarones, Nooney Rickette & The Nooney Rickett Four, Rock 'N' Roll Gypsies, New Colony Six, The Others, Jeanne Piersol, Parrish & Wilde, Country Gentlemen, Joey Covington, Hoppi & The Beau Heems, Lance Fox & The Bloodhounds, The Sixpentz, The Clock-work Orange, The Patriots, 20th Century Zoo, Shane, Truth, The Bittersweets, The Bad Boys, and The Pasternak Progress.