Psychobilly, Garage, Trash From The Vaults Of Big Beat Records (1981-84)
6x7" BOX

MR 7213EP MR 7213EP

2007 release. The birth of PSYCHOBILLY!! A wonderful collectable BOXSET of six 7″ slices of vinyl. All singles in this limited edition boxset come with a picture sleeve (original front cover, different back cover), inside a nice little sturdy box. Artists/singles featured are: The Meteors: Considered by many the first and best psychobilly band ever, and by some the only psychobilly band that matters. This is their very first 7" EP from 1981. Guana Batz: Another of the first wave psychobilly bands, and maybe one of the most influential. Here in this boxset you can hear the four tracks of their very first record in all its original glory. The Sting-Rays: Their sound mixed rock'n'roll and garage in a very wild way. They soon evolved and change their sound and music, but their beginnings were totally kickass psychobilly at its best. The Bananamen were in fact the Sting-Rays in disguise! They did only one single, re-creating some of their favorite obscure originals ("The Trashmen´s Surfin Bird," and two obscure garage nuggets unearthed by The Cramps, The Phantom's "Love Me," and The Novas´ "The Crusher.") The Vibes: Probably the less known of them all. This is the first single they ever did, also for the Ace (Big Beat) label. The Milkshakes might sound like an odd choice for this boxset, but back in the days (1983) the hardcore rock & roll/beat/garage assault of Billy Childish & The Milkshakes was not so outta place with what the new rockabilly freaks were doing. They shared stages and compilations with the other bands, tagged altogether as "trash." In this boxset you can find The Milkshakes' earlier tracks, including covers of Link Wray, Chuck Berry and Vince Taylor, well shaked in their own trashy way. Of course Billy Childish is very famous now, and considered the Godfather of "lo-fi" rock.