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Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 9+10


Ten LPs, 24 different artists, 61 tracks, almost seven hours of music. With Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 9+10 Audiolith release the last two volumes of the house-y techno compilation series as a double 12" vinyl via their new sub label Hold Your Ground. The intention of Stiff Little Spinners was always to keep the party going and to keep it interesting. With every new release, new artists and almost always new genres are introduced -- shoo-bi-doo house, rumble tech, abrasive electronica, stress ambient. Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 9+10 showcases new and known talent from Hamburg to Berlin via Warsaw and Texas. The first side of the four starts with Ben Böhmer and Antoni Sierakowski who get straight on it and pick you up with around 124 bpm and loopy hypnotic perfect deep house. It then slows down a little with Piotr Bejnar who offers a dreamy slow-jam masterpiece that can only be described as the intonation of a summer longing daydream. The first side is definitely for the MDMA kids. Side two starts off with Thomas Atzmann who seems to only produce progressive house operas these days. This nine-minute epos will take you on a trip through time and space, telling a story of tension and precariousness. Trummerschlunk then teases his modular synths until you can't differentiate what's in your head and what's real anymore. Gimmix picks you back up with almost classic house and a slightly wobbly-wonky bassline. The second side is definitely ketamine-friendly. The third side begins with Kalipo who produces unnerving trance-y techno to get lost in. Next up, Krink mixes six or seven percussion sound elements with looped melodies, taking and giving as he pleases. The compilations then moves into its most technoid part with Dylan Cameron. The analog production is maximal techno. The erratic third side is most definitely for the connoisseurs of the pure and unadulterated amphetamine. Joney continues with his hard-to-pin-down genre. Jungle-y slow tech? Moody break house? Maybe it is techno that is walking through a swamp? Next up is Simon Dübell with maximal electronica and a hint of 2006, with just the right amount of happy memories of being a carefree teenager doing pills. This side is definitely pills. In a way Deorbiting takes it all back to the beginning, slightly shamanic, boomy, but happy and ready for pure ecstasy. Includes A2 poster and download code; Edition of 300.