1-2 Weeks
Final Flesh


"NEW from Vernon Chatman, a co-creator of some of this millennium's most outre cable television programming (Wonder Showzen, Xavier: Renegade Angel and -- yeah -- Doggy Fizzle Televizzle - !) is a DVD destined to change the way we look at entertainment, pornography and probably the legal system. Final Flesh is a feature film produced in four parts: the script written by Vernon was divided up and submitted to four unique film production companies that work exclusively in the field of customized adult content. The companies' shared charter is to produce a film that explores the writer's chosen fetish -- and with this in mind, Vernon wrote with demented determination, in order to push the definition of fetish into the realm of the cosmically absurd. Then he sat back to see what his charges would deliver. The resulting film is an epic narrative for our time. Final Flesh is a surreal, apocalyptic My Dinner With Andre -- in other words, existential, sublime and ridiculous, featuring unmistakeably porno production values and shudderingly unseasoned porno actors and actresses -- but no actual sex! Chatman's sexworker hirelings applied themselves earnestly to his cerebral text (never suspecting the prank nature of the project). Working in complete isolation from each other, they made Final Flesh a cinematic 'exquisite corpse' whose fervid rottings comprise an insurgency in the field of...well, all the fields that involve people looking at other people for entertainment. Final Flesh isn't just a meta-comedic concept whose time has come -- it 's also a hot evening's entertainment filled with religion, sex, philosophy, fashion, culture and 'reality' (with all the pathos that implies), plus some really amazing dialogue. Few will sit the fence on this. Few should. Final Flesh is a confrontation and a contradiction that deserves its day in (kangaroo) court. Fortunately, it 's the way of the world that the curious and easily influenced will be drawn into the web that is Final Flesh, whether they like it or not -- thus dissolving its concepts of 'avant-garde porn' and 'comedy' into the unsuspecting mainstream, where their questionable merits will have the desired evolutionary impact. If your spirit is willing -- the Flesh will freak you!" Running time: 71 min.; NTSC all-region format.