"The Finnish producer known to most as Vladislav Delay, has created some of the more individual and distinctive sounds in modern electronic music. He is one of the few who picked up on the influences of the Basic Channel / Chain Reaction school of submerged techno and really took it somewhere new, creating sprawling masses of sound that slowly develop in a way that's hard to predict or sometimes even take in. The more ambient aspects of his approach were revealed through releases on Chain Reaction and Sigma Editions Very popular experimental label Mille Plateaux got in on the party, and Vladislav Delay's reputation as a producer of intriguing, often moody soundscapes was cemented. Then, just when listeners thought they had got the hang of what Vladislav Delay releases were about, the first Luomo 12" came out, and it was a vocal house record. Some were baffled, others thrilled. His personality was still very much in evidence; the Luomo records are still filled with unpredictable bursts of sound, sudden reversals and structures collapsing and re-forming. As with the more ambient work, tracks shift structure almost imperceptibly so at the end of 7 minutes you're somewhere quite different from where you began. Now Vladislav Delay returns with Demo(n) tracks, the first album on his own label Huume. Trying to avoid the common pitfalls and looking for a challenge in music, on this new album Vladislav Delay steps away from the old-trusted dub influences and eternal long soundscapes and tries to see for himself what the next step is, in a need to find a progression in personal music. The album comes out from 2 weeks spent chasing demons in Berlin. A reason to make music. Even though the signature sound is still there, the traces of work-in-progress and the evolution of an artist is evident; new steps are being taken towards sound sculpting and acoustic recordings, playing and treating drums, using and creating songs like sketches or diary, and flirting with sometimes negative aspects like coldness and digitus so often profound of latein (electronic) music. While embracing the audio technology, much care is taken not to let that DSP take over or outgun much more important elements in there; the content itself, and what was meant to be expressed and explored or was just suggested. Without a need or intent to copy but to rather originate, Demo(n)tracks, a collage of 13 tracks mixed together, resembles influences more from urban life than from any genre of music, but all the same from not one but all genres of music and moulds it into a music of its own. Vladislav Delay, intrigued by nature, is this time to capture something essential out of the whole and from the moment, and to represent and translate that which is unpolished and sincere to the listener. Demo(n)tracks is an approach to explore and experiment music."