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Ghost Rider 12"
The Antique Blacks LP
DJ Nobu Presents: Beyond Space And Time 001 2LP
Paraíso/Dahlia 7"
Delivered Into The Hands Of Indifference 2LP
Edito Amore 02 12"
Spin Coaster (incl. Osunlade Rework) 12"
It's Never Alright/Kerb Krawler 7"
Pin The Needles: Live at George's, Santa Barbara, November 1979 LP
The Wild Sounds Of Lords Of Altamont (Red Vinyl) LP
An Artist Thinketh EP (feat. Lady Blacktronika Remix) 12"
Carnegie Hall '71 10"
London Is The Place For Me 7 & 8 2CD
Tuesdays In Chinatown 2LP
Ebaum's Dreamland 12"
LF RMX 018 12"
Live On Air '66-'68 LP
Procura-Se Uma Virgem LP
Bulletproof LP
Fable of the Wings LP
Of The People / By The People / For The People From The Common People LP+CD
Bluebell Wood LP
The Clouds Know 2LP
No Past Lives EP 12"
Change Yor Style (Incl. Prins Thomas Edit) 12"
Haunted Joyride 10"
Haunted Joyride Version Excursion 12"
Buried Alive!! 2: More Demented Teenage Fuzz From Down Under 1964-1968 6CD BOX
Ich Und Mein Pudel/Die Remixe 12"
Meditations LP
Planted 12"
Firenze Sogna! (Itinerari Musicali 1976-1983) 2LP
The Hoochie Koo Volume II 10"
Sin City Jukebox Volume 2 LP
Early-Century Sound Recordings Cassette
Program 02 Cassette
4 Letter Word 12"
Pulse Code EP 12"
Existenz 2CD
Golden Nuggets (feat. Skarra Mucci) 12"
Hell Hath No Fury LP
Beauty And The Beat CD
Oriental Jazz LP
Captive Thoughts CD
Lucifer Rising (Deluxe Limited Box) LP BOX
The Odd Czar Against Us CD
The Odd Czar Against Us LP