Nezumimochi PIC. DISC + CD
Red Bird: A Political Prisoner's Dream LP
Adventura Botanica CD
The Boston Tea Party, March 13th 1969 2LP
Live at the Boston Tea Party, December 12th 1968 2LP
Live in Nickelsdorf 1984 4LP BOX
Neu Konservatiw PIC. DISC
WBUF FM Broadcast, Buffalo, NY, February 8th 1979 LP
Testpressing #007 12"
Hyperion EP 12"
Tomba Emmanuelle LP
Bruit Distinct 12"
Living Is for Giving, Dying Is for Getting LP
Inner Earth CD
Inner Earth LP+CD
Live in Japan CD
Star System LP
Vagabonde Blu CD
Heliographs CD
Heliographs LP+CD
Providence College, Rhode Island, April 26th 1975 3LP
First Detail LP+CD
Drippin' for a Tripp 2x12"
A Time With No Hands 12"
Wasted House 12"
Devil's Hands/Invaders 12"
What Do You Prove/Hail Iyah 12"
Nonplace Soundtracks: Scenes 01-25 CD
Bali 1928, Vol. II Tembang Kuna: Songs from an Earlier Time CD
Music of Tanzania 2LP
Japan Live CD
The Messier Objects CD
Solo and Ensemble Works CD
Signs Under Test CD
Night Moves CD
Shadows Documents CD
Complete String Quartets 4CD BOX