Three Pieces for Two Pianos CD
Death's Invitation/Let the Record Spin 7"
A Hora e Essa/El, Voce, Psui! 7"
Four Organs/Phase Patterns CD
Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version 2LP
Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde: Instrumentals LP
The Sleeping Bag Sessions 2LP
Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill LP
The Man Who Died in His Boat LP
Bicentenary Blues: Boarding House - San Francisco 1976 CD
Real Good Time Together: Radio Broadcast CD
Them/Close 12"
The Muffin Man Goes to College (featuring Captain Beefheart) 2CD
The Walk/Keep on Talking Remixes 12"
Bravery, Repetition And Noise LP
Adaptation CD
Adaptation 2LP+CD
Jukebox Mambo: Rumba & Afro-Latin Accented Rhythm & Blues 1949-1960 2LP
Jukebox Jam!: Blues And Rhythm Revue 2LP
Scoring Clubs Pt.2 EP 12"
Sun Palace, Fukuoka, Japan October '81 2LP
Um Piano nas Barricadas LP
Red Light Jackers EP 12"
One, Six (Prins Thomas Mix) 12"
Real Cool Baby/Never Never Time 7"
Enban Live at the Strange Fruit LP
Ultrissima on the Junk's Moon LP
Indians & Cowboys 2LP
Familiar Obstacles LP
European Heartache 12"
A Glimpse of Another Time 7"
Speechless 12"
Flip Side/Disparate 12"
The Dark Side of the Moog Vol. 1-4 5CD BOX
Attachment 12"
Venice 2LP
Eternal Rhythm LP
Break Through In Grey Room LP
Lurch (Version) 7"
Zehn / Eins 12"
Zehn / Zwei 12"
Navigating by Starlight LP
NapLater 12"
Obsessed by an Innocent Blind Old Man 2x12"
Babylon PIC. DISC
Music for Chairs 12"
Odyssey LP
The Agora, Columbus, Ohio, October 17th 1972 2LP
Mothers/Dark 12"
Bionic Ahmed E.P. 12"
Univers Zero 2LP
Life on the Inside LP
In Autumn Arms 7"
OM Entering. and Once Enterd LP