The Best Of Muddy Waters LP
You Got My Mind Messed Up LP
Sainte Anthony's Fyre LP
Hope from Rikers Island LP
Windows Of The Mind LP
Afro-Soul/Drum Orgy LP
Something So Right LP
Recorded Live at Sing Sing, Vol. 1 LP
Moanin' in the Moonlight LP
More Real Folk Blues LP
Cymande LP
Psych Funk 101 (1968-1975) 2LP
Manipulator CD
Manipulator 2LP
Back From The Brink 3LP
Bitchin Bajas 2LP
Bitchin Bajas 2xCassette
Gesualdo: Madrigals for Five Guitars CD
Manipulator Cassette
Blade Runner Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP
Justice Dub: Rare Dubs from Justice Records 1975-1977 CD
Justice Dub: Rare Dubs from Justice Records 1975-1977 LP
Buck/Ichnusa 7"
Willowbrook EP 12"
Echo Dub/Chain Reaction 12"
England Have My Bones LP
Neptune's Lair 2LP
Inna Dub Style: Rare Dubs 1979-1980 LP
Deep Love 10 CD
Spiritual Jazz 5: The World CD
Spiritual Jazz 5: The World 2LP
Lesotho Calling: Lesiba & Sekhankula Music CD
The Kankobela of the Batonga Vol. 1: Recorded in Zambia & Zimbabwe CD
Industriale Illuminato CD
Extreme Events LP
Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide LP+CD
Nobody Else EP 12"
Illmatic LP
Unity EP (feat. Felipe Venegas) 12"
Freezer CD
Brother/Sister EP 12"
Pewt'r Sessions 3 CD
Master & Servant 12"
Jack Ruby (Volume 2) LP
Test & Recognise Remixes 12"
A Matter of Time 12"
TRON: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2LP
Free Jazz and Improvisation on Vinyl 1965-1985: A Guide to 60 Independent Labels Book
The Ritmoloog Continues..... CD
The Late Great Phil Seamen CD
The Very Best of Hugh Tracey CD
Bulawayo Jazz: Southern Rhodesia 1950, '51, '52 CD
Kenyan Songs and Strings: Kenya 1950 & 1952 CD
Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako 2CD
Impressions EP 12"
Wild Butter CD
Tomorrow We Start a New Life Again 12"
Banchee CD
That's the Sound of My Heart/That's What I Get 7"
There's Gonna Be a Better Day Coming/How Long Must I Wait for You 7"
Untitled 12"
VD Jams #1 12"
Omega Point EP 12"
One Hour CD
Forget About Tomorrow: The Singles 2LP
dc07/dc08/dc09 [remastered] CD
dc10/dc11/dc12 [remastered] CD
dc13/dc14/dc16 [remastered] CD
The Seduction of Silence (Remastered) 2CD
Still Living in Slavery CD
King of Kings LP
Produkt der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft LP
Vibes 2, Part 2 2LP
Dub Mix Up: Rare Dubs 1975-1979 LP
Reflections on the Future CD
Early Lou: Pre-Velvet Underground Recordings 1958-1965 LP
Du Chant A La Une! Volume 1 & 2 LP
travelog (Special Extended Edition) 2LP
Live at the Rynearson Stadium, Ypsilanti, MI, 25th May 1975 CD
The Many Dimensions of Richard H. Kirk 3CD BOX
Sportable 12"
The Nature of Connections CD
Horace Andy's Dub Box: Rare Dubs 1973-1976 CD
Meets Sly & Robbie Downtown CD
Sound System Rockers: Kingston Town 1969-1975 LP
Velvet Revolutions - Psychedelic Rock from the Eastern Bloc, Volume Two: 1968-1971 CD
Colonial Dance Bands: Kenya, Tanganyika, Portuguese East Africa, Northern Rhodesia, Belgian Congo 1950 & 1952 CD
Bread & Roses Festival, 4th September 1978 CD
Tender as Asphalt EP 12"
Dirty Airplay: Radio Session WMBR, Boston 1994 LP
After Forever LP