The Night Tripper LP
It's About Time LP
Impassioned Tenor-Man LP
A Genuine Tong Funeral LP
Music from the Tudorfest: San Francisco Tape Music Center, 1964 3CD
A River Rose: Music for Violin CD
Complete String Quartets 2CD
Life is Endless like our Field of Vision CD
Hidden Cities LP
Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966-1985 2CD
Sacred Bordello Book w/CD
Reduction 2 12"
The Afrosound of Colombia Vol. 2 CD
Le Pop 8 CD
Le Pop 8 2LP
Four Jacks Pt. 2 - 15 Years of Poker Flat 12"
Donaueschinger Musiktage 2013 4CD/SACD
Music from Planet Earth Volume 2: Aliens, Teenie Weenie Men, Moonbeams & the Gayway to Heaven 10"
U Know Warsoul 12"/PIC DISC
African Gems CD
The Travelling Archive - Folk Music from Bengal: Field Recordings from Bangladesh, India and the Bengali Diaspora LP
A Distant Invitation: Street & Ceremonial Recordings from Burma, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand LP
Caribbean Audio Odyssey Volume One 10"
Just Us CD
Cello Concerto - Mysteries of the Macabre - Piano Concerto CD
Polyphonic Beings CD
Polyphonic Beings 2LP
De Musica Inversa 4CD BOX/BOOK
Four Manifestations on Six Elements 2LP
Trial EP 12"
A Day in the Life CD
A Day in the Life LP
My Ghost Comes Back CD
In the Mix: The Sound of the Fifteenth Season 2CD
...The Dub Album They Didn't Want You to Hear! LP
'71 - Original Soundtrack CD
The Story of My Life: Complete Recordings 2LP
All The Time 12"
The Km20 Tapes Volume 2 (1992-1996) 12"
Decay Versions Pt. 2 12"
Faith in Strangers CD
Faith in Strangers 2LP
Ultrasonic Studios, Long Island, October 15th 1974 CD
Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA, 14th March 1972 CD
False Light CD
The Electric Mountain EP Cassette
The Ambient Mixes CD
Fourth World Music Vol. I: Possible Musics CD
Fourth World Music Vol. I: Possible Musics LP+CD
12 Stations/Tolv Stationer 7CD BOX
WBAI Concert, New York, Sept. 12th 1964 CD
Aachen Konzert, July 25th, 1966 CD
The Long Hot Summer/Interview Oct. 1969/Waiting for Commercials CD
Cello Anthology 4CD BOX/BOOK
Red Plented EP 12"
Serious Time Riddim No. 2 7"
Blood and Mathematics CD
Machine Conspiracy CD
First Demo CD
First Demo LP
Fabriclive 78 CD
Centres of Distraction 3x12"
Magazine 13. CD
Magazine 13. 2LP+CD
His Name 12"
The Periodic Table CD
The Periodic Table 3x12"
Power of Anonymity CD
Power of Anonymity 2LP
Coil 12"
Live at Thee Marquee CD
Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light CD
Deep Mountain LP
Operation: Doomsday 2LP
Do What You Like CD
Ground Loop EP 12"
Hysteria EP (feat. Black Soda) 12"
African Electronic Music 1975-1982 2LP
Psychedelic Sanza 1982-1984 2LP
On the Beach 2LP
Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous 2LP
Taurus Rising + Amor Fati 2CD
Whispered Visions LP
Theater of a Confused Mind CD
Baby Brings Out the Best of You 7"
Instant Broadcast 2x12"
Night Flowing North & South 12"
House of Music Issue Two MAG
You Were Meant for Me 7"
Rare Jazz and Film Music: Volume One LP
Early Nights CD
Innhverfi CD
Innhverfi LP
Skudge White 008 12"
Endgame EP 12"
Restless Shapes CD
Skiption EP 12"
17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs LP
Aldous Harding CD
Providence College, Rhode Island, April 26th 1975 2CD
Live at the Playboy Club, London LP
Live at the Playboy Club, London CD
Deconstructing Accordion CD
Etoile - Trio - Azur CD
Ritt durch den Hades CD
Live at Ultrasonic Studios, Long Island, April 1973 CD
Altamont Rising CD
Towards a Bleak Sun CD
Musica Viva 19 CD
Absence CD
Absence LP
Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute the Parrot) CD
Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute the Parrot) [Green Vinyl] LP
Ultimo Imperio - 2014 Remixes 12"
Mechanical Turk EP 12"
Optimo Music Disco Plate Two 12"
The Stirring of a Thousand Bells DVD
(Ride On) Iron Horse 7"
Daddy Rolling Stone 7"
Easier EP 12"
Lucid Memory EP 12"
The Spirit of Fucked Up Places LP
New Recordings from Siaya County, Kenya: Ogoya Nengo and the Dodo Women's Group 2x10"
Live at the New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland, 18.05.1989 LP