The Best Arizona Garage Bands (1967-1970) CD
The Best Arizona Garage Bands (1967-1970) LP
...The Dub Album They Didn't Want You to Hear! CD
Through You LP + 2x7"
Touchwood's Dream LP
Slag Tanz CD
They Worshipped Cats LP
V: Five Years of Artefacts - Chapter Four 12"
Stalag 80 Dubwise LP
Crazy Bald Head Dub LP
#372 February 2015 MAG
Signs Under Test 2LP+CD
Formel 1 12"
FabricLive 79 CD
Crime 7x7"+CD BOX
C U in Hell 12"
Faith in Strangers 2LP
False Light 3LP
Bravery, Repetition And Noise LP
...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness LP
Diynamic Revisited 12"
Speicher 83 12"
One Sound/Layer Lock 12"
Life At the Water's Edge/Dogface 7"
Shem Vol. 1 12"
Kerberos/Styx (The Synthapellas) 7"
Mundo Harsh LP
Music for Church Cleaners Vol. I and II 2LP
Phantom Delia 12"
Cm (Chloé Remix)/Angel 12"
La ofrenda de Vytas LP
Totally Useless/Horror Stories #5 7"
Alegría/Soy Una Nube 7"
Perfect Wait EP + Biome Remix 12"