4 Jacks Pt. 1 12"
Tempa Allstars Vol. 7 2x12"
Endless Summer 2LP
Pet 2000 (2014 Remaster) 12"
Neptune's Lair CD
L'Esperanza (Ame Reinterpretation) 12"
The Opening of the Cerebral Gate CD
The Second Annual Report Of Throbbing Gristle 2CD
Jah Jah the Conqueror 7"
Pinata Beats 2LP
Wipe the Wicked Clean CD
Wipe the Wicked Clean LP
Chanson 3000 LP
The Last Resort 2LP
Space EP 12"
I Don't Want to Be a Rude Boy 7"
You-Turn (Visionist Remix) 10"
I'm Just Like You: Sly's Stone Flower 1969-70 2LP
Shine EP 12"
Things EP 12"
Cosmic Microwave Background CD
Cosmic Microwave Background 2LP
Saleh 12"
Born to Be Blue LP+CD
Transition 12"
Gauntlet 12"
Aztec Chant (Tessela Remix)/End Point (Stenny & Andrea Remix) 12"
Form of Release LP
My Friend CD
Insular Realms 12"
Destination to the Sun 12"
Old World New Wave LP
Collected Works Part 01 12"
Raam 001 12"