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The Blues Soul Of Johnny (Guitar) Watson LP
Chronicles I 2LP
The Lonesome Dealer 12"
L'Occident Est Bleu/L'An Cinquante-Six LP
A Poem In Cycles And Bells & Other Music For Tape Recorder LP
The Watchbird Alluminate CD
The Watchbird Alluminate LP
Crazy Girl: Soundtrack From The Motion Picture "The Knife In The Water" 7"
Mr. Ondioline 7"
Katanga! Ahbe Casabe: Exotic Blues & Rhythm Vol. 1 & 2 LP
Incantations 12"
Consequences Of Love 12"
Long After The Music Is Gone LP
Dancing & Romancing Vol. 1 12"
Dancing & Romancing Vol. 2 12"
Buchla Concerts 1975 LP
Digitally Controlled Emotionless Systems EP 12"
Wolfgang 12"
Intimate/Too Late 12"
Polar Star EP 12"/PIC DISC
Teufelsberg 12"
Corduroy City 12"
Cosmic Temple Chapter 1 12"
Cosmic Temple Chapter 2 12"
The Number 1 EP 12"
Dress Code (Don't Look At My Car) LP
Beneath The Skin EP 12"
Now I'm A Man LP
Ahmed Fakroun LP
Surinam Funk Force 2LP
Paura Vol. 2 (A Collection Of Scary & Thrilling Soundtracks) LP
Paura (A Collection Of Scary & Thrilling Soundtracks) CD
Sonny's Time Now LP
Sahib's Jazz Party LP
The Fantastic Jazz Harp Of Dorothy Ashby LP
Purple Raw Vol. 2 12"
Beater EP 12"
The Gospel According To The Selfish Gene 7"
Genkidama EP 12"
Naked City LP
Force The Hand Of Chance LP
Fractions EP 12"
Daymare Dreamer EP 12"
Selected Remixes 2009-2015 4LP BOX
After The Rain LP
Beatin Hearts LP
Spielt Eigene Komposition LP
Permanent Vacation 4 CD
Permanent Vacation 4 2LP
Which Way To Leave? LP
Studies I-XVII for Samplers and Percussion LP
Universal Consciousness LP
Hazel CD
Hazel LP