Cosmic Temple Chapter 3 12"
Cosmic Temple Chapter 4 12"
Crack The Whip 12"
Sings Songs For Today & Tomorrow/Radical Dub Session 2CD
Elation Tracks 12"
Phantoms Of Dreamland 2LP
Surf And Destroy 12"
At Interfaces 12"
The Trees and the Villages CD
Overflow Pool LP
Old Wakes/Old Rags 3LP
Tel Aviv Downtown 12"
Proximo Berlin 12"
Teo's Socks EP 12"
A Piece of Evidence 12"
Traffic 12"
Life, Love, Changes EP 12"
A Memoir From The Youth Pt. I 12"
Hammocks Go West 12"
Black History/Woman Change Your Ways 12"
Hell And Heaven 7"
Three Hundred Jamaican People (A Nice Nice People) 7"
Natty Become An Hurricane 7"
Got To Be Sure/Working Woman 10"
Mu First Part LP
Dub Out Her Blouse & Skirt V.1 CD
Nighthawk Rider/Music Machine 10"
Alpine Diskomiks/Sin In Space Pt.2 12"
Helium Sessions 12"
Pelican's Flight 12"
Episode 12"
Speicher 92 12"
1928 Sessions (Colored Vinyl) LP
Roden Crater Vision EP 12"
Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version 2LP
They Vibed 12"
Broken Promises 12"
Offal & Sellotape 12"
I Semi Del Futuro 2x12"
Make It Move 12"
Thailand (The Tourist in Me) 12"
Viscera 2/3 12"
Play On Jah Music 7"
Six Million Bassdrums Later 12"
A Jackson In Your House LP
Leads & Bites Vol. 2 12"
Hollywoo Dub CD
Hollywoo Dub LP
Kicked Out Of Everywhere 12"
Quality Control 2LP
Pas Encore Mort LP
Earthrising LP
Love Flight/Turn It Around 7"
Music Life LP
Shine The Light Of Love LP
An Eye For An Eye CD
An Eye For An Eye LP
Dancing Therapy CD
Under the Influence Volume Five: A Collection of Rare Soul and Disco 2CD
María de Buenos Aires 2CD/SACD
Heureusement Que le Sang Seche Vite LP
Echo En Mexico CD
Let Them Eat Cake CD
Warren S. Richardson, Jr. CD
Live Under The Sky Tokyo '84 2CD
Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock Cassette
Homegrown 2CD
Gomorrah (Original Soundtrack) CD
Ragnarok CD
Live At The Chicago Blues Festival 94 CD
Framtiden är ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat i Forntiden CD
Every Color Moving (1988-2003) 6CD BOX
Isis And Osiris LP
Sagan Om Ringen CD
Modern Journal of Popular Savagery LP
The View From Nowhere LP
Mauve Zone LP
Every Inch A Man CD
Jeffrey Johnson (Color Vinyl) LP
No Stoppin' Dat Rockin' 12"
Hollygrove 12"
Wooden Horse II CD
String Quartets (and more) CD
Distillation 12"
Olympic Mess Remixes by Beatrice Dillon and N1L 12"
Live In The Studio San Francisco '71 CD
Troupeau Bleu CD
391 Vol. 4: Umbria - Voyage Through The Deep 80s Underground In Italy 2CD
Mixed Up Minds Part Eleven: Obscure Rock & Pop from the British Isles 1970-1974 CD
Dustin E Presents... Cornflake Zoo: Episode Two CD
Basket Full of Dragons: A Tribute to Robbie Basho Vol II CD