Ensemble LP + BOOK
Father Of Folk Blues LP
The Joy of Flying LP
Three Compositions of New Jazz LP
Numero Tres LP
Bouncing With Bud LP
Psychedelic Jazz And Soul - From the Atlantic and Warner Vaults LP
Tales From The Hood: The Soundtrack LP
The Fact Facer CD
The Fact Facer LP
Play Afrika Bambaataa: Renegades of Rhythm Exclusive Tour Book Book
There Is Only Now: The Ali Shaheed Muhammad Remixes 10"
There Is Only Now: The Ali Shaheed Muhammad Remixes Cassette
There Is Only Now (Picture Disc) PIC. DISC
At Last!: Six Sides of Jump Blues, Deep Soul and Rockin' R'n'B Club Monsters 3x7"
Concerning The Entrance Into Eternity LP
Opium Drivel 7" EP 7"
Sulu Sekou/Coney Storm Drain 7"
Burglar Loops EP 12"
Caroline/If Only 10"
Musiikkia Elokuvasta Julisteiden Liimaajat CD
Danny and the Darleans LP
First Mutation LP
Live at the Unicorn, July 1967 LP
The Breaks LP+CD
Closer to Freedom 12"
Floating Underwater 2x10"
Dark Room's Delight LP
Die Isolation LP
Fractured Holy Symmetry LP
Anjou LP
La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth LP
Dirty Hands EP 12"
Double Up!!: 14 Killer Cuts from Jamaica's Finest Duo LP
Nouvelles du Front LP
Sick in the Car/Wildflower 7"
Fifty Fathoms Deep 12"
The End of the Line/Perspectives 2LP
Trigger/Bass-103 LP
La Onda Pesada, Mexico 1971 CD
Die Grüne Reise - The Green Journey CD/DVD
Think Pink LP+CD
Happiness is Happening CD
Happiness is Happening 2LP
Abaporu 2LP+CD
Brass Tacks LP
The Perfumed Garden 5CD BOX
Voodoo Party Vol. 2 LP
Algo Salvaje: Untamed 60's Beat and Garage Nuggets from Spain Vol. 1 2LP
The Wicker Man LP
Love, Peace & Poetry: Asian Psychedelic Music LP
Love, Peace & Poetry - Japanese Psychedelic Music LP
Love, Peace & Poetry - British Psychedelic Music LP
Love, Peace & Poetry: Mexican Psychedelic Music LP
Electronic Toys CD
Vous Dansez 12"
Intermittent Signals LP