The world of Mireille Capelle is one of music and theater. She has performed as a singer in numerous European opera houses, under the artistic direction of the foremost stage directors and conductors. Mireille Capelle is singing professor at the Ghent School of Arts and member of the artistic board of HERMESensemble. She has a particular affinity with contemporary music and art, characterized by many encounters with the most important contemporary composers. Do'un is an "architecture sonore" ("sonic architecture") composed for the exhibition INTUITION (2017) curated by Axel Vervoordt and Daniela Ferretti in Venice. Mireilles sound scapings are electronic sculptures to be performed as a live format. Do'un was presented as a live installation by Mireille Capelle and HERMESensemble with visual artist Angel Vergara at Palazzo Fortuny in May 2017. Inspiration for Do'un comes from the philosophy of the Greek philosopher Democritus and his ideas about cosmology and the void. Do'un is a one-hour piece characterized by rich sonic layers embedded in a drone-y atmosphere. A very intuitive piece. Mireille Capelle in her words about the piece: "Even though when I talk about it, I find that intuition is closer to mind than instinct, the sound architecture Do'un, created for Intuition, seems to prove the opposite. This piece is very sensory. . . . Sound needs the sensitivity of the physical body to receive intuitive auditory information. As if listening to the invisible is really a human act, a human need. Something that is within us and that we inevitably seek, either consciously or unconsciously. The rhythm that is often used for the communication of ancient peoples with the invisible universe, and that goes against our rationality, is present in the installation." Mireille Capelle appeared in various films and plays, as in an impressive number of operatic roles -- including Wagnerian parts such as Eva and Kundry, or Salome and Der Komponist (Richard Straus) and a slew of French characters. In parallel she developed a large concert repertoire including main sacred and secular works from early baroque to contemporary music. She manages to combine most intimate singing as a classical recitalist and opera singer with pioneering all-round "performances" as a vocalist, composer, and soundscaper. Furthermore she is linked to the HERMESensemble as a member of the artistic committee and performer. Design by Jeroen Wille. Mastered by Jack Allett. Three-panel digipak.