Live at Roadburn Festival 2014 CD
Temporal Relics LP
Face Disappears After Interrogation 12"
Crete: L'Art de la Lyra CD
Yemen: Le Chant de Sanaa CD
The Papermoon Sessions: Live at Roadburn 2014 CD
Exhibitionist 2 2DVD/1CD
Exhibitionist 2 (Part 2) 12"
Faze Miyake 2LP
Birth Right EP 12"
Surgeon EP (2014 Remaster) 12"
Communications (2014 Remaster) 2x12"
Rare Tracks 95-96 (2014 Remaster) 12"
Tresor 97-99 3CD BOX
Cardinal 2LP
Watch This! Dubbing at Tuff Gong LP
What You Won't Do for Love 12"
A mist is a collection of points CD
Everybody Come to Church LP
Warriorz 2LP
The Jail's a Fine School LP
Narr Day/Narr Day Remodulated 12"
Same Old Samples (Vol. 1) 12"
Golden Garuda/Super Molam 7"
Youngest in Charge LP
Be Free with Your Love/Fearless 10"
False Awakening 12"
The Art Behind the Tape Book
A City Remembrancer LP
Getting To Know... LP
Live at Shelter LP
Modern Mechanics 12"
Knerpen! (bevel) LP
Run to Me Suite 12"
Dissipate/SMS 12"
Entre Ciment et Belle Étoile 2LP+CD
Nabuma Rubberband LP+CD
Reminiscin' EP 12"
Halloween (Part One) EP 12"
Halloween (Part Two) EP 12"
The Pulses EP 12"
Music by David Borden CD
Toronto '83: In the Cold Night LP
Aynama-Rtama CD
The Dancing Clowns 12"
Dimanche à Bamako 2LP+CD
Falling for You 12"
Lambs Anger 2LP+CD
Brotherocean LP+CD
This Side of Paradise 2x10"+CD
Withering Beauty 12"
Feel Free: Live at Cafe OTO LP
Entheogenic Spore 12"
Nights Out LP+CD
System Crashed 12"
Resurrection 7"
AX+BY+CZ+D=0 (aka Kunst Am Computer) LP
Human Egg LP
B23 Steelhouse/Motor System (Extension) 12"
Small Town Country, Vol. 1 CD
Small Town Country, Vol. 1 LP
Les Années Canetti: L'esprit Chanson Française 2LP/2CD
Toxic 3LP+CD
Symphony No. 2 (The Peak of the Sacred) CD
Ambient Loop for Vancouver CD
Excavated Shellac: Reeds LP
Re-Edits & More Vol. 4 12"
A Gathering Together LP
From the Future: The 1982-1983 Tapes LP
Nigerian Wood 2LP+CD
Ceux Qui Restent + Punk Tape 2LP
Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds 1978-1982: Selected by Junior Santos LP