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El Grito (Suite Para Orquesta De Jazz) LP
Presenting Mr Tuff LP
I'm Not So Lucky LP
Meet The People In A Lovers Dubbers Style LP
Williams S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin LP
Deewee Foundations 2CD
Decay Music n. 3: Rueben LP
Decay Music n. 4: Downtown Ethnic Music LP
Sylvie & Babs PIC. DISC
Synopsis Seriation 2CD
On Feather and Wire 2LP
Strawberry Birthmarks LP
Weedsconsin (Half-Half Neon Yellow/Neon Green Vinyl) LP
Out Of The First Rays LP
Out Of The First Rays (Red Vinyl) LP
Out Of The First Rays (Sunburst White/Yellow/Red Vinyl) LP
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 7 LP
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 7 (Pink Vinyl) LP
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 7 (Red/Yellow/Transparent Purple Striped Vinyl) LP
Live at Bronson (Clear Blue Vinyl) LP
Live at Bronson (White/Red/Black Vinyl) LP
Doom Sessions Vol. 666 (Half White/Half Purple Vinyl) LP
Doom Sessions Vol. 666 (Cornetto Red Transparent with Black Stripes Vinyl) LP
The Singles 1961-63 LP
Witch's Ladder CD
There's Pretty Things In Palookaville... CD
There's Pretty Things In Palookaville... LP
Hymns of Gyer CD
The Heart Sutra (Arranged by Janel Leppin) LP
At the GRM Paris (performed by Stephen O'Malley) CD
The Mental Traveller LP
Inner City Life (2020 Remix EP) 12"
Mean Friend Vol. 1 12"
Mean Friend Vol. 2 12"
Dancing In Your Room 2x12"
Live at Top Gear BBC, June 10, 1969 LP
BBC Nightride February 22, 1970 LP
Double Drop: Cosmic Essentials Vol. 1 12"
Binging, Bragging, Bitching LP
Answers 2 Trouble LP
Caramel (2021 Reissue Splatter Vinyl) LP
Statistique Synthetique / Teum (the Silvery Slit) LP
Rhapsodia / Battements Solaires LP
La grande vallee / Micro-climat LP
Distorted Matter 2LP
Echoes of Africa LP+CD
Dedicated To Peter Kurten CD
#448 June 2021 MAG
Kapote Pres Mushroom House Vol 2 2x12"
Incapacitants LP
Rainbow Electronics 2LP
Neurotten LP
Grind Carve LP
Filled With Unquestionable Feelings LP
Requiem For The Boundless Flesh 5x7" BOX
Tolerance 4LP BOX/7"
Vanity Records Vol. 1 5LP BOX
The Fifth Column Years 2LP
Vanity Records Vol. 2 4LP BOX
The Broken Symphony CD
Abstract Symposium CD
Dancing Chords & Fireflies CD
Dancing Chords & Fireflies 2LP
Un Muneco De Madera LP
Live At St. Helens Technical College 1981 LP + 7"
Hyperballad / Venus As A Boy 12"
Tear Down The Walls & Bleecker And MacDougal CD
The Mississippi Blues: The Delta 1929-32 LP
The Mississippi Blues: Transition, 1926-1937 LP
Dub Of Dubs + Highest Grade 2CD
Rasta Pon Top (Red Vinyl) LP
A Place In The Sun LP
Dunden Bugune (Picture Disc) PIC. DISC
2023 (Picture Disc) PIC. DISC
El Ano del Muerto CD
Disco E Cultura Vol. 1 LP
Kenny Mann with Liquid Pleasure LP
Elektronik Turkuler (Picture Disc) PIC. DISC
Los 4 Jinetes del Apocalipsis LP
Rawfrucht LP
Murder Ballads [Drift] 2LP
Staging Silence (Original Film Soundtracks) 2LP
Oberheim SEM 8 Voice 1979-80 LP
Pop Hits 12 - Super Aranjmanlar LP
Anadolu Dokturmeleri LP
Songs To Despond Ya LP
Black Crow Gazebo LP
Vamos A Matar Companeros CD
Il Mio Nome E' Nessuno CD
Belli E Brutti Ridono Tutti CD
Michigan Nuggets 2LP
Monorails & Satellites: Works for Solo Piano Vols. 1, 2, 3 3LP
I Listen To The Wind That Obliterates My Traces 2CD/BOOK
Opika Pende: Africa At 78 RPM 4CD/BOOK
Cave Rock LP
Iron Path LP
Confabulations CD
When Sorrows Encompass Me 'Round Cassette
Escalator (Red Vinyl + 7") LP + 7"
Wake Up You! Vol. 1: The Rise And Fall Of Nigerian Rock (1972-1977) 2LP
Surfin' Bird/King Of The Surf 7"
Lifeblood of Light and Rapture CD
Danzindan-Pojidon LP
Sweeter As The Years Go By LP