No. 3

BTR 003 BTR 003

A Quarterly Journal of Post-Rock Cultural Pluralism, edited by Byron Coley. Issue no. 3. 68 pages. In this issue: Lena Andersson Arbitrary Conduct (Wilful Disregard) by Lisa Marie Jarlborn; Pierre-André Arcand by Dylan Nyoukis; ÄSS Live in New Jersey by Tom Lax; Ball of Fire (dir. Howard Hawks) by Naomi Yang; Beast Nest Songs for Puppies cassette by Valerie Webber; Bizarre Buddha Park by Irene Dogmatic; Bloodshot Bill LP by Charley Plymell; Dean Blunt Cîroc Boyz by Joanne Robertson; Book List for Hud by Lili Dwight; Review Roundup of MW Brown's Goodnight Moon by Sara Press; The Byrds by Richard Meltzer; CarniVal Rock (CUZ, Il Sogna and Grant Hart) by Charlie Plymell, Catwax Axe Co. 25 Gallons by Trevor Block; Collecting Small Press Books by Bree; Crosstown Bus by Angela Jaeger; Direct to Kindle Books by Tom Givan; Don't Think I've Forgotten (dir. John Pirozzi) by Ray Farrell; Diana Dors Swinging Dors by Tosh Berman; 8 Track Stereo by Michael Hurley; Escape to Witch Mountain by Bree; First Avenue Bike Lane, Manhattan by Ira Kaplan; Flesh & Bones #6 by Tim Hinely; Rory Flynn Third Rail by Suzy Rust ; For the Man in the Red Hat (Reg King & Richard Kaverne) by Phil McMullen; Four DC/Hardcore Punk Docs by Sharon Cheslow; Grateful Dead by Savage Pencil; Hampton Grease Band boot LP; Hauschka live in Montreal by Marie Frankland; Richard Hell I Dreamed by Alex Behr; Mitch Horowitz Occult America by Georganne Deen; Roger Houdaille by Michael Layne Heath; How I Stole Bono's Seat by Hisham Mayet; Inherent Vice (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson) by Alan Bishop; Itasca Unmoored by the Wind LP by Emma Young; Kebek: Charlesbois 2 by Benoit Chaput; KXEN Building, Pontoon Beach IL by Suzy Rust; Lambkin/Pisaro live at wulf, Lambkin gallery show by Sharon Cheslow; Victor LaValle by Tom Givan; Little Red Rubber Thing by Marie Frankland; Felix Mace Boundary Solution by Orchid Spangiafora; Mad Max: Fury Road by Maria Kozik; Magas/Davey Harms by Marc Masters; Metabolismus Meet Kim Fowley by Samara Lubelski; Mighty Fine Guitars by Tom Givan; Mr. Hageman Twin Smooth Snouts by Karen Constance; Monoshock by Eddie Flowers; One Man One Mind 7" by Tom Lax; Open Loose Live at SDSU by Ray Farrell; Open Space: Elsewhere by Tom Greenwood; Pop Group live by Ray Farrell; Reguritations of a Ruminent by Tom Lax; The Schitzis by Mats Gustafsson; Shitfucks 7" by Erika Elizabeth; Sid Gold's Request Room by Brigid Pearson; Slow Motion Riders by David Greenberger; Some KFC & Gas by Gregg Turner; Peter Stampfel live at the Speakeasy cassette by Chris Stigliano; Stuff Out on Video by Chris D; Toms of Maine deodorant by Matt Krefting; Tony's Baltimore Grill by Todd Abramson; Two Live Shows: Stevie Wonder/Magma by Andy Schwartz; Various Artists DIY series by Brian Turner; Various Artists New Orleans Soul by Todd Abramson; We Are the Best/Intrepido Punks by Owen Maercks; Francesca Woodman by Andrea Feldman; Amy Yates Wuelfing No Slam Dancing by Ray Farrell; Youtube Tutorials by Donna Lethal. Also, "Bull Tongue" column by Byron Coley & Thurston Moore. Illustrated by Gary Panter & Ted Lee.