Hot February Night

DC 437LP DC 437LP

2024 repress. "Who says there are no second acts in show biz? The same person who claimed there's no crying in comedy, probably -- and Neil Hamburger has proven him wrong once again. Left for dead more than once in a career that has spanned literally decades, Neil is back on top and waiting for that next wave that will supposedly pull him under again. In 2007, Neil Hamburger experienced what some would call the high point of his career to date, playing Madison Square Garden and other big arenas of performance infamy all around the United States. This was no miracle; after all, people weren't coming to see Neil; he was opening for popular rock act Tenacious D. Once the crowds heard some of his classic routines, however, Neil gained a great deal of exposure -- exposed once again as America's Funnyman in front of roaring crowds of Americans. Naturally, there were a few bad apples in the barrel, and Neil did what any professional would do -- slaying the hecklers with their own sword of crass, unmannered profanity. Fortunately, his drink rider was above average, which helped considerably in getting through the days and nights that make up Hot February Night. Now it's your turn -- fire up the hi-fi and place this special phonograph LP on the platter. Then mix a couple drinks and listen to America's Funnyman, Neil Hamburger, as he lives and dies the comedy life that all the greats have lived too. Hot February Night is truly a brush with greatness. What will Neil do for an encore?"