HH 005LP HH 005LP

The music on Oko is conceptually woven into an evolving sonic tapestry threaded with a meditative ambient synth which warps around Sasha Vinogradova's hypnotic vocals, glowing, melting, and molding with Alina Anufrienko's exceptionally delicate cellos. The tapestry is as fragile as it is powerful and transcendental. Its potent poetic imagery blends with the aura of flowing, swaying tones into something the listeners of Hidden Harmony Recordings have an acute ear for, namely exquisite harmony. 180 gram LP, edition of 800 numbered copies. Die-cut outer sleeve, color print inner sleeve + poly-liner sleeves.

Abstract/ Remember: "you could be dreaming. Sinking or flying, sound-catching or singing. Witnessing a distant storm in silence, how it exposes purple clouds in unpredictable flashes. Hearing a submarine eruption and finding natal comfort in the warm, fragrant smoke that only wants to sheathe all your edges. The circus has left, only placards remain. And the snow. Look how the flakes sway to your feet without effort -- any distance is misleading, illusory. There's only dream and memory -- the two wings of a bird that flaps with an ocean wave, blinks with an eye of a lighthouse. Fragile, you could be dreaming not alone, holding hands with the core of things. The molten core, like touching ice. You could be dreaming. Dreaming in perfect memories of shapes imperfect. Dreaming of the earth raining from the sky, of the wind inside the sea, of the lighthouse & the ship kissing, of exotic fishes in the bay of your ear. Everything is real. If you play. If you dare to ignore the margins. Echoes go on forever. They play with themselves in a stream of mirrors. Echoes of a forgotten language, of a language unwritten -- a soothing, indifferent creole that reconciles feeling with understanding. Bathe in the fountain at the source of resonance. Bathe in the clouds on the eyes of intimate strangers passing. Disappear. Disappear and be seen, like the moonlit mist behind your eyes. And sway between hope and wisdom."