Seven Stations (In Any Order)

HH 12130741CD HH 12130741CD

2014 release. Andrew Batt-Rawden is a Sydney-based composer, performer, and publisher. His practice is cross-platform and all-embracing. Though initially stemming from an almost traditional sense of 'the composer', Andrew fuses elements of gesture, choreography, new technology, text, performance art, and mixed-media into his work and has a wide-ranging history of inter-disciplinary collaboration. His current focus is on incorporating all the senses into the audience experience by integrating data feeds to affect live electroacoustic performance, particularly with the use of heartbeat and movement data and by building algorithmic software that works with both light and sound; a collision of chamber/art music and technology. Chris Mansell has been called 'a significant voice in Australian poetry'. She began as an editor and poet in the '70s and since then has chosen to live an isolated rural life. She is the recipient of multiple awards for her work and continues to publish with regularity. Her writing has been described as 'stylistically and thematically groundbreaking'. One emerges from the experience of reading it disturbed and challenged. Its haunting rhythms do not easily let go. Seven Stations (In Any Order) is a collaboration between a young composer and a multi-award winning poet, combining elements of contemporary chamber music, electric instruments, electronics, and voice with a vivid text. It is a cheerfully profane song-cycle, using the railway stations of the city's center as the focus of its imagery. Deluxe CD and booklet; limited edition.

"Like every city, the soundscape is a constant hum of people, traffic lights, cars, buses, birds. Depending on where you are, you also hear water, trains, music. Depending on when you are, your ears pick up the scurry of rats and possums, the asymmetrical rhythm of drunken steps in cloppy heels punctuated by profane outbursts, laughter, and conversation in many languages. Some people open their mouths and the sound of bank notes flap with their tongues. Others speak with a smile full of shark teeth, ever-ready to take a nip. The lucidity of the dream that created the structures holding this city together - something beautiful yet strange." --Andrew Batt-Rawden