Ragtimes, African Music

HUNG 12855CD HUNG 12855CD

1994 release, featuring compositions by István Marta, John Cage, Steve Reich & George Hamilton Green. "The Amadinda Percussion Group, the first professional percussion group in Hungary, was formed in the spring of 1984. The group was formed at a time when a great many questions were being discussed concerning composers and the relationship between modern music and the public ... These were the conditions that helped bring about the formation of the Amadinda Percussion Group with artistic objectives easily comprehended. Firstly, the performance both at home and abroad of pieces by Hungarian composers, together with others not yet known in Hungary, including works ranked abroad today as classics. These prescriptions we have tried to follow while selecting the music for this recording. The ensemble has a serious interest in African folk music and jazz, and in this manner the record came to include the programme often given in concerts. Particularly interesting are the Green ragtimes, which the composer -- himself an outstanding percussionist -- wrote originally for xylophone with piano accompaniment. The version for xylophone and two marimbas was done on the basis of the original. Of the two Hungarian compositions on side one, the piece by Istvan Marta was written for the Amadinda Group. These two pieces, we feel, serve to complete the picture of the first two years of the ensemble which we wanted to present." -- From the liner notes. Tracklist: "Doll's House Story" by István Marta (1985), "Pebble Playing in a Pot" by Laszlo Sary (1978), "Second Construction" by John Cage (1978), "Piano Phase" by Steve Reich (1967), "Traditional African Music", "Log Cabin Blues (Blue Fox Trot)," "Charleston Capers" by George Hamilton Green, "Traditional African Music," and "Jovial Jasper (A Slow Drag)" by George Hamilton Green. Performed by Amadinda Percussion Group (Karoly Bojtos, Zoltan Racz, Zsolt Sarkany, & Zoltan Vaczi) with István Marta (Roland JX-8P synthesizer) and Gyorgy Racz.