Hello Dirty


'You are Massimo right? Your CD 'Hello Dirty' ... ? well, it's the most exciting thing I have ever seen,' she whispered. His hands were starting to shake. 'You don't think this 'Hello Dirty' release is cute?' she asked teasingly. 'A release stops being cute when a girl turns eighteen.' he responded wryly. 'Oh, so you don't want my new Mego release?' he continued to ask, lightly petting the light brown pelt of hair above her puffy lips. 'I want it with all my heart.' 'Then promise me that you will attend all my future shows!' 'The world will end in 29 days.' 'I know, but promise me anyway.' 'Of course you can,' he sank down to sit beside her. 'Thanks,' she said with a smile. She pushed him back, knelt on the floor, and spread his legs. She slid between them and dropped her mouth to a freshly sealed copy of 'Hello Dirty'. He gave a shuddering gasp and fell back against the back of the couch. He watched her beautiful face bobbing up and down on the pristine digital surface. He hadn't seen that in so long. God, how he missed it. She looked up and locked gazes with him, then smiled. Time passed. She methodically bobbed up and down as the world continued outside. Horn's honked, people yelled, laughed, or cried out. Dogs barked and a plane passed overhead. The world continued, unaware that Massimo was unveiling his first full length release. She was very good. Her mouth was so hot and her tongue never stopped moving upon the limited card surface. Most women forgot to use their tongues when they gave Massimo's releases an initial inspection. 'I'm going to be huge,' he said suddenly. 'I know,' she said between licks. She licked the back of the raw disc with her long, agile tongue, then licked her lips and looked up. 'Sapienza - I have decided to buy this, because I'm sure you do not have a promo for me. Am I right?' 'Brutally so.' File under: sex / noise / armageddon."