Musica Viva 18

NEOS 11014CD NEOS 11014CD

Featured works: Elliott Carter's Cello Concerto (2001); Udo Zimmermann's Lieder Von Einer Insel (2009). "The English conductor Oliver Knussen sees in Elliott Carter the 'most important musical dramatist of the present age working in the area of instrumental composition'. With his scores, Carter fashions dramatic scenarios in which instrumentalists act as individual characters. In his Cello Concerto, too, dating from 2001, he treats the soloist and the individual orchestra musicians as independent protagonists. Elliott Carter's compositions are metrically complex and labyrinthine in the way they are interlocked; they are impressive in their structural density and incredible virtuosity. We recognize the influences of neoclassicism and Schönbergian dodecaphony. It was almost an 'anti-concert': contrary to the usual solo concerto, in which the soloist is presented as someone who forms and shapes the music, in order to keep up -- in a dramatic sense -- a dialogue with the orchestra, we meet here the experienced opera composer Udo Zimmermann, who shifts these scenic elements towards the middle. With his score, the quiet notes dominate, and the opening is not only the most private kind of music, but a song whispered rather than a song sung." Stereo/multichannel hybrid SACD that can be played on any CD player.