People! Let's Freak Out: The Irish Rock Rebellion 1963-1970


Particles presents the first ever box set anthology of Ireland's 1960s rock music scene. Only two long-out-of-print compilations have ever emerged to profile Ireland's rock roots, making this anthology doubly inviting. From the R&B/blues scene in Belfast to the late 1960s psychedelia of Dublin, People! Let's Freak Out reveals a wider account of the beat scene, and its transition into psychedelia and blues rock. While Ireland has never been given equal acclaim to that of its neighboring England, it nevertheless produced some of the most iconic and influential bands of the period. As Van Morrison and Them were leaving Belfast for London, a slew of new hopefuls arrived to establish their own niche under the nose of the dominant showband scene. Compiled here, are 125 original recordings featuring various groups from Eire and Northern Ireland, some of whom went on to huge success in the 1970s. From Ian Whitcomb to Eire Apparent, The Bye-Laws to the Belfast Gypsies and Gentry to Sugar Shack, People! Let's Freak Out is a fascinating account of Ireland's more obscure and vibrant music scene of the 1960s. Spanning five discs with rare and previously unreleased recordings, a plethora of memorabilia and expansive liners housed in an 88-page, full-color booklet, People! Let's Freak Out offers an excellent companion to similar anthologies such as Nuggets, Rubble, and Buried Alive.

Features The Wheels, Gary Street, The Creatures, Ian Whitcomb & Bluesville, The Mad Lads, The Spectres, The Greenbeats, Dickie Rock and The Miami Showband, The Royal Showband Waterford, The Alleykatz, The Chessmen, The Debonaires, The Banshees, Margo and The Marvettes, Sean Fagan Pacific Showband, The People, Joe Dolan and The Drifters, Just Five, Ottilie Patterson, The Blue Aces, The Bats, The Luvin' Kind, The Belfast Gypsies, Pan Pipers, The Movement, The Bye-Laws, The Boomerangs, The Stellas, The Wheel-A-Ways, The Interns, The Kingbees, Moses K & The Prophets, The Deep Set, Gene and The Gents, The Rising Sons, The Strangers, Hat & Tie, The Finnavons, The Concords, Jon Ledingham, The Carpetbaggers, Wheels Of Time, Freaks Of Nature, Dreams, The Real McCoy, Terry & The Trixons, The Gentry, Derek and The Freshmen, The Universals, The Trixons, The Arrivals, The Jacobites, Eire Apparent, Danny Hughes, Butch Moore, Tina & The Mexicans, Mellow Candle, The Pattersons, Gumm, Peter Law & Sound Of The Pacific, The Footappers, Granny's Intentions, The Philosophers, The Freshmen, Simon Scott and The Plattermen, Orange Machine, The Poets, Them, Andwella's Dream, Skid Row, David McWilliams, The Crypt, Sugar Shack, and Taxi.