Atmospheres And Disturbances

RM 4202CD RM 4202CD

Master field recordist Philip Samartzis spent one month in residency at the High-Altitude Research Station at Jungfraujoch, Switzerland. During this time, he turned his ears towards the subtle, but dynamic shifts of the environments around him. What revealed itself was a cascade of relational sound fields, co-existing and each effected by the macro environmental changes moment to moment. Atmospheres And Disturbances is a work of intense focus, of a deep listening into the spaces that exist at the fringes of audition and the fringes of human habitation. It is a record of porous experience, transposed and offered to you -- a chance to share the sonic fascinations of Samartzis in these moments.

From Philip Samartzis: "Atmospheres And Disturbances registers the changes in high altitude ecologies caused by increasing global temperatures. The composition is based on field work undertaken at the High-Altitude Research Station at Jungfraujoch, Switzerland where for four weeks I deployed various recording devices around the station, and in the surrounding alpine environment to register natural, anthropogenic and geophysical forces. The project provides new encounters of an endangered alpine environment to enhance the way we perceive and engage with notions of place, community, and environmental dissonance. During fieldwork I used different microphones to record a variety of acoustic, spatial, atmospheric, and vibration-based phenomena. Omnidirectional microphones registered wind, snow, and ice as well as social, material, and industrial sound emanating from the nearby train terminus and viewing platforms. Hydrophones were placed within water and ice to record geophysical sound resonating within the frozen environment of Jungfraujoch and the adjacent glacier. The recordings capture the pervasive presence of anthropogenic sound permeating throughout the landscape produced by tourists, transport operations and recreational sports. Accelerometers were attached to various surfaces and structures to record solid vibration generated by high-velocity wind, and the process of melting and freezing. The recordings produced by the accelerometers clearly express the stress and fatigue occurring within the material structure of buildings and infrastructure. Atmospheres And Disturbances is designed to place audiences deep inside an extreme environment to afford embodied experiences of an alpine ecology under duress."