Reality Opposition

RM 4203CD RM 4203CD

To work against a-priori positions, to interrogate that which seems concrete, is never an easy undertaking. It comes with certain personal and even political costs, and it is these concerns that form part of the basis for New York based composer Christina Giannone's latest edition, Reality Opposition. Tracing out her own unsteady movements through the day to day, Giannone examines the waves of dissociation that haunt her interactions with the world around her. These examinations, by their very nature, exceed that of a pure self-reflexivity and rather invite the listener to consider their own positions and pre-occupations in the moment. Working with intensely sculpted walls of sound, Giannone's compositions are works of density, scale, and harmony. They are macro-sonic miniature realities, simultaneously outside and inside reality -- restless and indifferent to restraint.

A note from Christina Giannone: "Dissociation is the driving force behind the composition. The act of surrendering, the attempt to observe our existence from the outside. Giving in feels like giving up. Acceptance feels like resignation. The process included digital sound experimentation by means of observance and detail orientation and the idea of sound presenting itself in different identities depending on the listener. This attention to detail acts as a hologram, changing shapes depending on the angle. Ideas of multidimensional existences and indifference in its purest form. Slow, digital evaporation. An attempt to recreate what 'nothing' means. It might be a gaze out the window, conversations in passing, an incomplete thought. Fleeting, meaningless moments that fill the gaps. Things we are only subconsciously aware of. The periphery. The forgotten. The static in between."