Undirected 1992-2002

SR 206CD SR 206CD

1: 'Next Point - Tribute to Henning Christiansen', is a performance given at the MANCA festival in 1992, it is an extension of 'Media Opera' organized by Yamaguchi Katsuhiro in October 1992 on Awaji Island to celebrate the foundation of his 'Village of the Arts'. One can hear the rain falling in the south from Majorca, the voices of salesmen of coffee and boiled eggs of the station of Howrah, beside Calcutta, the chants of the monks of Todaiji in Nara, and the calls of the merchants of ice cream of Hangzhou (recorded by Martina Diestel). Other sounds were sampled among the works of Henning Christiansen: sporadic chords of the piano of the cave of Penthesilea, the very particular sound of the long pipe which Christiansen hits more or less regularly on one end, 'in order to give a certain feeling of time', or the bells and the tuba of the 'garden of the yellow mountain' where low frequencies make almost inevitably vibrate the ceilings of the rooms where it is played. 2: 'Deposition' contains ten episodes of various lengths which are connected according to a dynamics of tension and relaxation. There is no particular narrative dimension, but 'scenes', featuring soundscapes from various cities and countrysides, as well as musical (instruments) sounds: voice, flutes, or percussions, which reflect an interest for the fundamental actions of breathing, or hitting objects with the body -- rather than praising the mastery of a particular technique. The sounds generally come from an action which does not have any musical claim, for example, the Senegalese women who crush the millet. The voices are those of the salesmen from the Fischmarkt of Hamburg, the children of Calcutta, Italian dogs howling in the night, or insects of Japanese mountains. Other sounds come from a collaboration with Ryoji Ikeda, from 'In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze' and from the music of the two permanent sound installations of Osaka and Tokyo-Narita international Airport. Photographs & Cover : "Mobiles Floating in the Space".