Incidental Music

SR 276CD SR 276CD

Belgian composer, improviser and pianist Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven presents music for an absent film, Incidental Music -- 33 miniatures for piano and chamber orchestra taken from theater performances or documentaries. These pieces find new life here, released from their original context, inviting the listener's imagination to recreate their story, perhaps from a long-lost French film of the 1970s. As the composer contextualizes, "I was born, musically speaking, with film music. George Delerue, Philippe Sarde, Ennio Morricone, Michel Legrand, Francis Lai, Gabriel Yared, François de Roubaix, Antoine Duhamel, and many more are responsible for my first musical emotions. Those childhood evenings lying flat on my belly in front of the family's TV screen watching the films of Sautet, Lelouch, Verneuil, De Broca, Truffaut, Audiard, Almodovar and so many others were an endless spring of emotions at which -- I understand it now -- I quenched my thirst for the deepest emotions buried within myself. It is almost surprising that I have not tried earlier to practice what I have considered since childhood to be the most beautiful profession in the world: to be a composer of film music." Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven treads the career path of an atypical musician where classical, contemporary, electroacoustic, jazz and improvisation, French chanson, theater, dance, cinema, and literature coexist side-by-side. Far from being a mindlessly voracious form of eclecticism, his penchant towards diversity is the expression of a single-minded passion, an open-minded spirit which steers clear of pigeon-holing and weaves connecting threads between styles, genres and periods.