The South Shore

XI 136CD XI 136CD

XI Records is pleased to announce the debut full-length release from Michael Vincent Waller, The South Shore, featuring chamber works from 2011 through 2014, with album art photography by Phill Niblock. Waller has collaborated with numerous musicians and ensembles to bring this album to life. This kind of listening is for the brain to relax and enjoy, for the soul and emotions together as art for the universal. Reveling in subtext and subtlety, a symbiotic exploration of the history and future of musical life. "Blue" Gene Tyranny, in his liner notes to The South Shore, writes, "The music of Michael Vincent Waller offers a welcome and rare alternative to the tempo and noise of modern life. These touching miniatures employ the pure modal scales first described by ancient Greek philosophers and sustained through millennia in the folk song of many lands, in religious chant, and in the modern era by the works of composers such as Erik Satie (especially his monodrama Socrate) and Terry Riley (especially A Rainbow in Curved Air). Waller's music convinces us by its honest emotion, which avoids any artifice that would dramatically pull us toward some effect. Although it is the first time we have heard these works, we seem to immediately understand the intimate feeling they refer to." Experimental Intermedia Foundation, founded in 1968 by Elaine Summers, has been presenting performances since 1973, produced and curated by composer Phill Niblock. As an offshoot of Experimental Intermedia, XI Records was formed in 1990, with the main purpose of presenting a series of compact discs highlighting the music of contemporary artist-composers whose works are original and galvanizing. The intent of XI is to extend the experience of these engaging and pioneering works beyond the performance space into the home. XI's catalog includes Phill Niblock, Éliane Radigue, Tom Johnson, David Behrman, David First, David Watson, Lois V. Vierk, Ellen Fullman, Philip Corner, Malcolm Goldstein, Annea Lockwood, and many more.