3-4 Weeks
Forlorad I Toner (Lost In the Tones)


"Ake Sundin was a unique personality in the Swedish music business of the 1960s. A real 'outsider musician' who artistically did what ever he wanted to without any cares for critiques or prevalent musical norms. During the last ten years he has become a cult legend among the few Swedish musical journalists and musicians who has been able to find or at least hear his incredibly rare records from the 1960s. In 1965 he started his own record company, jay Records, financed by the meager income from his work at the post office. Jay Records released loads of records between the years 1964-1970, most of them with Ake himself. He paid for costly recordings in top studios with big orchestras and even rented the finest concerts halls for his performances. Practically nobody bought his records or showed up at his concerts and every time he tried do something he only got laughed at. His magnum opus was his LP record released in 1968 which was housed in a 'cooking proof' cloth sleeve! On the record he criticize, in his own incomparable way, the Swedish music industry and the pop music of the day. Ake ended his days in this world as a rollerskiing cloth salesman and after his death the Swedish government actually had all his belongings, including all his records, destroyed and burnt! Stefan Kéry, weird musical archaeologist, has now succeeded in saving and displaying this musical treasure. His record company Subliminal Sounds has even received a grant from the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, the same government body who also sponsored the Parson Sound 2 CD, to release this retrospective CD. The whole Ake Sandin LP and his ultra rare 45s are all included on this definitive release. Due to the popularity of Swedish outsider artists like the Elvis impersonator extraordinare Eilert Pilarm and books like Irwin Chusid's book Songs In the Key of Z people are becoming more aware and interested in the 'outsider music' phenomena. It is now time to unleash Sweden's most acclaimed artist in the outsider changer. Meet Ake Sandin, the Ed Wood of Swedish 60s music, on the Lost In Tones CD. Nothing will ever be the same afterwards."