Defense De

MIO 026%2F7CD MIO 026/7CD

2 discs, one CD, one DVD. First ever reissue of this cult album from 1975, on the famous Nurse With Wound List! "Jean-Jacques Birge and Francis Gorge began to play together in 1970 and produced the first rock concert of their high school, at Lycée Claude Bernard in Paris. Gorge was composing the music and playing the guitar, Birge was writing the words and singing. Defense de was their first album, before founding Un Drame Musical Instantane, in 1976, with Bernard Vitet. Two bonus tracks were intended to be index 2 and 4 before Birge and Gorge met Shiroc a few weeks later. These two tracks were replaced with new tracks recorded with Shiroc and so they were forgotten until today. The four initial pieces were recorded in the family apartment of Sebastien Bernard, a free jazz producer, where his father kept a lot of beautiful instruments (a pipe organ, an electric piano, a xylophone, a cello, etc.) and a 8-track tape recorder. Antoine Duvernet, another schoolmate who was playing with Urban Sax at that time, passed by on a sunny afternoon and added the tenor sax parts. The two new pieces with Shiroc and Bucchi were recorded live in studio four months later. During the following year, Birge and Gorge played a lot of concerts as a trio with Shiroc, and sometimes as a quartet with Gilles Rollet (also on percussion). All their repertoire was recorded and it will be included on the DVD as 'June Sessions' (Over 6 hours of music). Over the years, the LP Defense de became a cult object people would buy a fortune, as well as appearing on the Nurse With Wound famous holly recordings list. So we are very pleased to have it finally available as a CD, specially with the four previously un-issued bonus tracks which were discovered recently in the Drame's archives. The band took it from this point to become Un Drame Musical Instantane. Un D.M.I (in short) who is considered to be one of the top avant-garde / experimental acts ever to emerge from France and the entire world as well. The audio CD will include the complete Defense De LP plus 4 bonus tracks (approx 80 minutes of music in total). The DVD will include the experimental movie La Nuit Du Phoque made by Jean-Jacques Birge and Bernard Mollerat in 1974. The movie is a mix between avant-garde French movie and experimental ambience which takes the viewer back in time to 1974. The second part of the DVD will include 'June Sessions' which are very long pieces made by the trio (or quartet at times). Total of about 7 hours of music and 40 minutes movie in a double CD & DVD set."