KR 053LP KR 053LP

Creta is the new project by Massimo Pupillo (Zu, Laniakea), electronic artist Luciano Lamanna, and string instrument virtuoso Roberto Zanisi. As a trio they explore an adventurous sonic territory between Coil in their ambient moments, dark bass pulses, and bucolic-Mediterranean string sounds. Creta is a new trio of artists coming from very different backgrounds: Roberto Zanisi is a finger picking guitar player and a virtuoso on strings of all kinds, including "exotic" instruments like the Turkish cümbüs, the Greek bouzouki, or the Albanian cifteli. Since 2003 he has been active in many contexts: he worked with Giovanni Venosta producing sound tracks for Silvio Soldini's movies, took part as soloist musician in Steward Copeland's tour "La Notte della Taranta (Night of Tarantula)", played with the American musician Amy Denio, and performed with Sainkho Namtchylak. Luciano Lamanna's main characteristics are experimentation, analog synths, vinyl, and a big love for techno. In 2015, the resident DJ at Ex Dogana, Roma and member of the Italian artist collective LSWHR launched the modular synthesizer project Balance (with Davide Ricci), and in 2017 he released the album Divus with Zu member Luca T. Mai, to name a few of Lamanna's many releases on labels like Earache, Boring Machines, Scuderia, and others. And, last but not least, there is Massimo Pupillo, highly acclaimed bass maniac with Zu, Laniakea, and in countless other constellations (amongst others Peter and Caspar Brötzmann, FM Einheit, Chris Corsano). As Creta, they create outlandish sonic pieces that blend sci-fi ambient atmospheres with dark bass pulses and bucolic-Mediterranean string instruments -- a unique and yet coherent mix of elements that adds consequently to the oeuvres of the three artists. 180 gram vinyl; Includes insert and download code.