Made In Spain


Official reissue of Made In Spain, the experimental industrial electronic classic by De Fabriek originally released by Discos Esplendor Geom├ętrico in 1987.

"A bunch of friends whom knew each other from the city of Zwolle, and as such they recorded their first LP Schafttijdsamba at home in 1980. After that the group splintered and expanded, odd as it may sound. The original core went each own way and De Fabriek sought outside help. This was a time of independent cassette culture, home production of music, corresponding and mail art and so it happened membership, co-workers in De Fabriek lingo, were fanatical home tapers around the world, with a director at the helmet in Zwolle, albeit not a director not in the capitalist sense of the word, but someone directing the sound. Listening to the cassettes received, deciding upon order and layering of various sounds. For Made In Spain De Fabriek headed out to Nijmegen, Studio De Tempel, and home of Mekanik Kommando. But workers and a director are not enough for a factory, it also needs machines, and machines were plenty around in De Tempel. Following a decision on what goes where along with what other received contribution, and then mixed together, using the vast amounts of effects racks available in this studio, which put their fingerprint on this record. Made In Spain was an expansion of an earlier release 'Mont Cantis', slightly the same yet significantly different and exploring the industrial sound a bit further, taking cues no doubt from the music of Esplendor Geometrico, taking matters a bit further and deeper, to stay within the theme of old mines in the German Ruhr area that runs through these ten pieces, this is a record that at that time saw De Fabriek fully connecting to the industrial scene without forgetting their earlier post-punk and krautrock roots. Yet unlike so many other industrialists back in the day, De Fabriek always remains to have some melody to be part of their music. It is not the noise for the sake of noise." --Frans De Waard, September 2018