Sketch Proposals


"Ensemble hosted their own radio show for 3 years (1994-1997) on Radio Campus (Toulouse) every Friday from 9-10.30pm. It was improvisation (music) shouting / collages / theatre / pizza-deliveries / audio orgies / cooking / b-level drama / noise / games / talk-shows / everything and nothing and was most ridiculous and outrageous. Ensemble is a French/English, male/female altered-pop duo containing Olivier (24); wno was born in Toulouse, France, therefore he's French; and Chanelle (21), who was born in London but is half-Persian. Olivier was 8 when he first started music; he was cutting, scratching and burning his parents' records in order to make them sound better. Chanelle was 5 when she recorded herself repeatedly saying: 'I want Cornflakes, Mummy.', and at the time she had a lovely pink tracksuit. Then Olivier, aged 11, got his first tape machine, did his first tracks recording his sister's voice, outside noises, radio waves, deforming pop tracks. Chanelle was 8 and got a primitive computer got bored with it, since she was much more fascinated by the noise of the boiler pipes inside her room and her hair dryer. At 13 Olivier used, opened, burned or overvoltaged cheap synths in order to have more interesting sounds with of course no electronics knowledge and sometimes catastrophic results. Between the age of 16 and18 Olivier lost himself in cheap rebellion / teenage angst with a punk / noise band, but after months of no rock'n'roll, because of sex and drugs, some of the members fell straight into mental hospital depression or employment at Pizza Hut. Chanelle was in London, and had friends, but didn't know if she was indie or rave or neither. When Chanelle was 16, and Olivier 19 they met in London, fell in love badly, and discovered slowly that both loved the boiler / pipes / static / electricity sort of sounds and the same type of harmonies. During two years, they didn't live in the same place, it was hard but they saw each other occasionally. Apart from these times, Olivier was locked up in his room generating digital sound corruption with his cheap PC and studying architecture. Chanelle was using Casios to do cute love songs for Olivier and working on her A-levels. The third year Chanelle came to Toulouse and they decided to be constructive about the unbearable mental life in Toulouse, and created a group that would mix experimentation and pop music together, Ensemble. In 1998 they went together to live in London to make it happen. The album (Sketch Proposals) could be described as explorative pop music, denatured pop tracks in terms of structure, production or harmonies, but strongly emotional and harmonic. That is, pop music after all."