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Benjamin Finger, James Plotkin, and Mia Zabelka craft a mesmerizing sonic world that buzzes and drones, glitches, and slithers, eventually careening into unexplored musical territory. Pleasure-Voltage was born in the mind (and studio) of Benjamin Finger -- a composer, electronic music producer, DJ, photographer, and film-maker based in Oslo, Norway who in recent years has become quite a prolific artist, expanding his stylistic palette from piano miniatures and off-kilter pop experiments to lysergic, dream-like sound collages spiced with gentle warmth and sublime melody. These ingredients are also characteristic on this latest work where Finger set the musical frame before passing it on to his inspired collaborators: Mia Zabelka who for decades now has been involved in countless projects, be it as musician (violin/electronics), curator, or founder of the international sound art center and who has worked with, amongst others, John Zorn, Fred Frith, Electric Indigo, Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Dälek or Phil Minton. And last but not least there's James Plotkin who entered the scene with his first band Old Lady Drivers (or O.L.D.) on Earache in 1987 and later was a member of Khanate (with, amongst others, Stephen O'Malley) while also exploring the areas of dark ambient and electronics by working with or remixing Scorn/Mick Harris, K.K: NULL, and more. On Pleasure-Voltage, which had its live-premiere at the Rewire festival 2018, the trio crafts a mesmerizing sonic world that buzzes and drones, glitches and slithers, eventually careening into unexplored musical territory somewhere between ambient/drone/psychedelia. Personnel: Benjamin Finger - synthesizers, piano, field recordings, electronic devices, alien objects; James Plotkin - electric guitar, granular synthesis; Mia Zabelka - E-violin, electronic devices, alien objects. Mixed by James Plotkin. Mastered and vinyl cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Artwork/drawing by Sverre Malling.