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Blow'N Chunks


"The hardest core punk band from San Francisco, Flipper, came to New York City's CBGB's in November 1983 to play live and record a new release specifically for ROIR cassettes at CBGB's brand new in-house sixteen track recording studio. Now 18 years later, and with the addition of four bonus tracks from the same session, ROIR is re-issuing this essential recording remastered digitally for CD release. Flipper is a band that created their own aesthetic universe and singular punk language. In the late 70's and early 80's, San Francisco, much like Los Angeles, NYC, and Cleveland, was a cauldron for emerging punk, new wave and hardcore bands that were starting to get widespread recognition in the underground press and to some extent in the national music media. San Francisco was possessive, protective, outspoken and intensely proud of their own bands. There was a shared sense of regional superiority, experimentation, and commitment indigenous to the 'San Francisco Sound', 'supercilious' would characterize the attitudes of the punters who championed and bonded with the local bands that included The Dead Kennedys, The Avengers, The Dils, Mutants, No Alternative, The Offs and many others. The strangest and most strident and controversial band- a band that was brutally loved/hated and worshipped with god-like fervor, personal allegiance and loyalty were Flipper. They were the most arrogant, in your face, non-industry oriented, 'we don't give a fuck' band of them all. Flipper had a unique heavy bass drone 'borderline' PiL sound that tapped into the headspaces of the 'Frisco scene-makers. Their singular sounds, personal attitudes, and outrageous behavior led to the slogan 'Flipper Rules.' Blow' N Chunks was the second full-length album by the band, following Subterranean Records seminal Generic Flipper and was an open challenge to the East Coast hierarchy of hardcore and punk bands dominating the scene. In truth Flipper couldn't give a damn, they just were as always their nasty selves, drunken and rockin' out. Although they were regarded the most obnoxious, rude, crude and primitive punk-hardcore band of their era, Flipper had a sharp mind and a definite sense of humor present just beneath the chaos. Punk lore has proven them to be a classic band to be reckoned with in any account of punk history."