No More Invention

WIS 3006CD WIS 3006CD

"Here is the self-confessed Slinger's electric companion, a huge onset tour de force hailing from the realm of San Pedro (France) and that should cause weird effects through invention's great (golden) ass. First came Gunslingers, raising against the big bullshit, then came No More Invention, wearing a nine-acts sling of a hilarious outrage. Introducing the ultimate assault of her illegitimate three sons, also known as massacre-rock deviant inquisitors, a French deconstructionist trio who needed to abuse the artifacts of some lost rock synthesis in one total, furious and quintessential record, like an evil paradox of rock. Expect pure apotheosis of wild horror biker freakouts, acid avant-punk and trippy psych-noise with no respite from the action's breakneck speed. Gregory Raimo aka GR's incriminating unspoken yaya words and unparalleled orgiastic guitar savagery over control, spacey analog effects fulminations and feedbacks culminating with Matthieu Canaguier's hypnotic and castrationist ritual thunder bass, and Antoine Hadjioannou's prophetic mad with scalp crashing down drums-machete. From the gigantic 13 minute long blowing Krauty prayer of 'Lighter Slinger Festival' to the frightening embodiment of Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Minister's Black Veil', this is some magnetizing unknown & sacred distillation. Comes with a four page booklet of awesome artistic statement in a limited digipack edition. Loud and irreverent up to hilarity, and paradoxically, largely out of any category, this freakish explosive mixture, recorded in 2007 in three days, re-pioneers the hijacking of rock landmarks. Probably based on Lady Hysteria's (herself) voluntary uncontrolled intent, Gunslingers' No More Invention spreads the enlightenment of catastrophic happenings and a nonsense of epic blackout scenes into electric round of fury. Be prepared for a constant state of shock."