1-2 Weeks
Wanted: Dead or Alive

TEG 77508CD TEG 77508CD

"Marley Marl remained on board, and Large Professor and Eric B. also hopped on to help produce Kool G Rap & DJ Polo's second album. With a wider range of sounds and the expansion of G Rap's lyrical range, Wanted: Dead or Alive is wholly deserving of classic status. The opening 'Streets of New York' remains one of the most thrilling and unique rap singles released; the sparse rhythm, adorned with assured piano runs that complement the song to the point of almost making the song, falls somewhere between a gallop and a strut, and G Rap outlines more vivid scenes than one film could possibly contain. The track cemented their role as East Coast legends and showed Kool G Rap's talent as an adept storyteller like nothing before or since. Likewise, 'Talk Like Sex' is the nastiest, raunchiest thing he ever recorded, with 'I'm pounding you down until your eyeballs pop out' acting as an exemplary claim, as well as one of the few that is printable, made in the song. The boasts, as ever, are in no short supply, but 'Erase Racism' takes a break from the normal proceedings with guest spots from Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie. It's both funny and sobering, with Biz's Three Dog Night chorus providing comic relief after each verse. This album is only part of a major swarm of brilliant rap records from 1990, but it will never be lost in it, and it's important because it's the release that influenced Rakim and Kane to step their game up to levels they didn't know they could go to. Cold Chillin' and Traffic proudly present Wanted: Dead or Alive, available for the first time as a double disc set, including the original album, and a plethora of substantial bonus material, from artwork to audio. With all the songs being digitally re-mastered, this project has been thought out, done right and handled with care, and we hope you enjoy it."