Zodiak Versions


San Francisco-based producer Al Lover has spent the 2010s evolving a unique approach to psychedelic music by way of exploring the common threads within its various genres. Zodiak Versions sees Al exploring what he views as two musical styles that have defined modern underground music culture: Jamaican dub reggae and the German experimental "krautrock" from the 1970s. Sketching out repetitive dub basslines and leads using only the keyboard of his laptop as a musical device, Al formulated the basic structures of what would become these versions. Reminded of what artists like Kraftwerk and NEU! attempted to portray with the driving motion with their motorik beats and expansive washes of analog synthesis, Lover felt compelled to write music directly within the environment that had once inspired the original "krautrock" sound. Once back in the states, Al teamed up with his good friends Burnt Ones in LA to add some touches of guitar and synth drone to the sketched-out songs. At this time he was further introduced to the some of the lesser-known efforts of kraut pioneers who would later influence the rise of ambient music. Returning home completely inspired, he added even more layers of analog Moog synthesizer, tribal percussion, and vintage rhythm box drum sounds before sequencing and mixing all the elements through a vintage Roland RE-201 Space Echo. The end result is Zodiak Versions. With his previous projects, Al Lover has been bouncing back and forth between a more sample-based remix approach and actual synthesized music composition. You can hear elements of his earlier works -- Distorted Reverberations of Reverberating Distortion (2011), Vodun Moon (2013), Al Lover X Goat (2014), Sacred Drugs (2014), Cave Ritual (2015) -- in Zodiak Versions, but the music here heads in a more textured, droned-out direction. An experiment in maximized minimalism. Subtlety and nuance hidden within an intense wall of sound, as if the psychedelic aspects of everything that influenced the record have been extracted and reconfigured to produce the sonic dub version of a bad trip.