Light Pipe

RM 498CD RM 498CD

To summarize the work of M.Geddes Gengras is no easy feat. A tireless artist, whose output sprawls across experimental dub, ambient and low-key techno, his wide-ranging discography reveals a curiosity that serves as a primary driver for creation. Light Pipe is arguably Gengras's most ambitious recording project to date. His tenth solo recording is an epic undertaking, spanning over two-and-a-half hours. Across the two CD set, Gengras charts out evocative landscapes of texture and harmony. Working with very simple elements, he creates a tidal like sound space, where sound layers flow seamlessly, rising and falling with an ever-changing sense of motion. These pieces were written across several years responding to site specific performance situations. These include a durational performance in Los Angeles at The Getty Center's Irwin Garden, a special performance alongside the banks of the Los Angeles River and performances at the El Rey and Regent Theatres. Each disc in this edition focuses specifically on either interior or exterior spaces; the indoor and the outdoor, reflecting the specific conditions of how sound operates in these types of situations. Light Pipe is a long-form work within which multiple states of listening are possible, and moreover encouraged. It's music that is ideal for deep immersion; for sleep, for flying and for any creative states within which a sense of expansion is needed. M.Geddes Gengras is an experimental composer and performer living in upstate New York. His works in the medium of modular synthesis comfortably straddle a variety of forms while remaining rooted in a deep affinity for the limitations of hardware synthesis and a keen ear for timbral manipulation. Presenting a spectrum that is very diverse in sonics and mood, the connecting thread between the extended ambient spaces and more jarring aspects is a meditative devotion to sound and process. Since 2011, he has released nine albums of solo material, both under his own name and his dance-music alias, Personable. He has shared stages with William Basiniski, Tim Hecker, Laurel Halo, Curtis Roads, Simian Mobile Disco, David Toop, Jon Hassell, S U R V I V E, and OM, collaborated on stage and in studio with Joe McPhee, Jon Gibson, Sun Araw, Greg Fox, The Congos, and Georgia and Bill Kreutzmann, as well as performing at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, The Getty Center, Moogfest, Mutek_MX, and FORM Arcosanti.