Inland Lake (le lac interieur)

RM 4198CD RM 4198CD

From Cat Hope: "This is the second Room40 release of collaborations between Australian chamber ensemble Decibel, and French music concrète composer Lionel Marchetti, after The Last Days of Reality in 2018. This release consists of two pieces: 'Inland Lake (le lac intérieur' (2019), and 'La Patience' (2020). Working with Lionel is magical. 'Inland Lake' was devised with the ensemble when Lionel visited Australia in 2019. As he sometimes does, he came with a 'partition concrète' that was part score, part ensemble member, part fixed media. The music is coaxed from the ensemble, without score, but with discussions, listening and experiments. In the live performances, Marchetti efficiently and imaginatively positions speakers in strange directions, heights and places and somehow, the sounds melt together, intertwining and indiscernible -- as on this recording. Marchetti adapts the partition concrète after first rehearsals and performances, integrating recordings of the acoustic instruments with synthesizers, tape, and electronic manipulations in his home studio. The recording of 'Inland Lake' occurred in two places at once: at the Digital Hub, Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and Performance at Monash University, Melbourne and Soundfield Studio in Perth, Western Australia. Marchetti joined from France. Determined to make this recording despite the ongoing border closures within Australia and the world, the group came together telematically -- using software to reduce the perception of latency and improve the sound quality 'down the line' for the performers. The ensemble was split in half between the east and west coasts of Australia, listening together over the Internet, recording locally. Marchetti later mixed and mastered the track in his own studio. Listening to the piece once the recording and mixing process was complete was like hearing it for the first time, again..."