In February 2017, Moving Furniture Records released the LP 1 by Radboud Mens and Matthijs Kouw. In October of 2018, ERS Records followed with the release of a double-CD with six long tracks with a total playing time of over two hours. The long drone tracks immerse you in frequencies that are slowly changing around you, revealing you all sides and details of a sonic sculpture that make you forget that music is a time-based art. With this release, simply titled 3/4, Mens and Kouw continue the exploration of long-form drone. By using a 12-meter long magnetic string and precisely tuned analog synthesis, Mens and Kouw create a rich tapestry of drones and slowly changing environments. To the careless listener, nothing much seems to happen. However, an attentive ear will reveal a rich variety of resonances, phase-differences and sonic artifacts. Starting as a deep and warm drone music the pieces gradually develops into a collage of textures and frequencies that are carefully moving in and out of the drone. This record is recorded live in the studio. Packaged in a three-panel carton sleeve; Edition of 300.

Radboud Mens is a sound-artist, composer, and sound designer who is working with sound since 1982. He started creating noise-machines in 1988. In the early '90s he attached contact-microphones to dog's brushes that he used to destroy vinyl records by scratch-playing them and recorded the results. Since many years he builds his own acoustic instruments and sound-installations. Bass-recorder flutes, long magnetic string installations, drone-machines, and prepared guitars that are being played by transducers are used in live concerts. The recordings of these concerts are used in new compositions. Radboud Mens has worked with a broad variety of sound artists and composers, including Stephan Mathieu, Janek Schaefer, voice-artist Jaap Blonk, and Craig Ward (ex-Deus).

Matthijs Kouw is a sound artist based in Utrecht (Netherlands). Using analog and digital synthesis, field recordings, and recordings of various objects, Matthijs has composed solo and collaborative pieces, as well as music for dance, film, theater, and installations. He's currently working primarily on long-form drone, partly in this ongoing collaboration with Radboud Mens.