1-2 Weeks
The Gathering


"'The White Man goes into his church and talks about Jesus. The Indian goes into his tipi and talks with Jesus.' A classical antiquity education consisted of mathematics, geometry, music and astronomy. But it is music that stands eternal beyond all others as the original and eternal language of human transcendence, out-dating the development of sophisticated linguistics. The West very quickly lost sight of its transformative, physical attributes, damning it along with the body to the realm of accidental human traits never to muddle with the higher pursuits of the soul. We can't really blame Plato for that, but then, would he be capable of grasping the rites of a Southwestern American Indian medicine ceremony? Probably much better than most of us in the 'modern world' today. All we know is that somewhere along the way technological man lost his power to wield magic, something that we have constantly tried to reclaim through musical expropriation, assimilation and cultural tourism. The medicine man with his peyote is infinitely more knowledgeable than any well-versed technocrat, and it is that original knowledge that we problematically seek---problematically because we have, in one way or another, passively or actively aided in its extermination. We long for a way to end the mind as an intellectually-entangled barrier, to open it up to the real visceral contact with truth and spirituality we can't find in church, at school, at home or even with our families. It is an envy we have murdered for, and will do so again soon. But it is the only form of communication that we actually understand innately, and it is that desire to return that has fueled our efforts to reconnect once more. Perhaps one day we'll learn not just to talk to Jesus, or Allah, or Shiva, but to ourselves and to each other as well, sincerely, on two feet, to seize the divine from the far reaches of the stars and to bring it down to earth to dance, play and sing in a new form of ritual that thirsts for blood no more. This 12" is the 1st installment of a new series exploring psychedelia, psychedelics, musical rite and the Peyote rituals of the American Indian Church." Silkscreened front cover.