1-2 Weeks
At The End Of The World

DS 090EP DS 090EP

One-sided release. "From his desolate arctic abode, a man once at home in the cities of our modern world has thrown his previous life away in search for the obscure splendor and natural desolation of his newly adopted homeland. Dan Quin has spent the last 10 years of his life mapping & mastering the animal & natural world of his promised land, the bottom of the earth, the South Pole, Antarctica, 'The End of the World' -- and apparently producing some of the newest in dark analog driven techno & house. Once a respected reporter for a prominent U.S. nature magazine, Quin went A.W.O.L. while on assignment documenting the mating habits of seals, only to reemerge as the founder of the 1st whale riding championship in history & the world's only 'national liberation' campaign for an unclaimed natural territory. An anti-social Steve Irwin with the heart of a lion and the cold skin of his beloved sea friends, his reputation among the few locals as a true hero & devoted follower of his adored native soil has earned him the title of 'duke of whales,' and his presence, if not fest physically on the land due to his reclusive demeanor, is certainly felt spiritually as the saintly father of the region. Rumor has it that Quin was not seen for 6 months away from his arctic estate, apparently so entranced by the sea cries of his beloved seals that he was nearly lost in his own solitude, going on to record the beautiful cries that haunted him for so many nights. Determined to create what he called 'an artistic testament to the great Antarctic expanse,' Quin employed the recordings on his 1st 12" release, the haunting and epic At The End of the World. We can only hope he continues to labor away in his igloo of inspiration, hearing further calls of primitive encouragement and continuing his crusade to bring the beautiful silence of the arctic to our warm & ready earlobes."