RCD 2040CD RCD 2040CD

"Raoul Björkenheim, the highly original Finnish composer and guitarist, is representing the perfect balance between raw electricity and restrained elegance. Here he is paired with Norway's hottest young rhythm section in what can only be described as a classic power trio, burning with an untamed, but still focused energy. Bookended by two lengthy tour de force workouts, this is a more varied collection than their self-titled debut from 2002. We get some lovely free playing demonstrating the great interplay these musicians are capable of, beautiful soundscapes and some strange sounding Korean court music vibes. All recorded live in the studio without overdubs or edits, and once again to analogue tape. Björkenheim was raised on Hendrix, Zappa and other rock music before he discovered Miles, Coltrane, Mingus and Eric Dolphy. He played in several groups before being invited into the circle around the late, legendary drummer Edward Vesala to play on three records with him before forming Krakatou and recording two strong albums for ECM. He has written film scores and orchestral music, toured everywhere and recorded with Bill Laswell, Henry Kaiser, Jah Wobble, Peter Erskine, Paul Schütze, Mats Gustafsson, Nicky Skopelitis, Lukas Ligeti a.o. Håker Flaten is one of Norway's most in-demand bassists. In addition to Scorch Trio he is a regular member of The Thing w/Mats Gustafsson, Atomic, Close Erase w/Christian Wallumrød, School Days and Petter Wettre Trio. He has also toured with Trygve Seim, Joe McPhee, Chris Potter, Iain Ballamy, Dave Liebman, Tony Oxley, Frode Gjerstad and SPUNK. Paal Nilsen-Love is one of the most profiled players on the Norwegian jaszz scene. He has always been occupied with different forms of jazz, but the two factors that are always important to him are those of energy and creative freedom. In addition to Scorch Trio he is a regular member of The Thing, School Days, Frode Gjerstad Trio, Atomic and Håkon Kornstad Trio. He has recorded and performed with a number of musicians, from Pat Metheny and Django Bates to Svein Finnerud and Nils Petter Molvær."