One In Versailles


From USA, 1975. 500 numbered LPs, heavy engraved sleeve, 180 gram pressing, 2-page insert. "Shoes were formed in Zion, Illinois, in 1974 by brothers John and Jeff Murphy, and Gary Klebe. The Murphy brothers and Klebe were high school friends and decided to form a band following graduation. In the fall of 1974, Shoes was in its infancy as a band. Members Gary Klebe, John Murphy and Jeff Murphy had just completed their first official recording project, Heads or Tails, recorded in a basement on a Teac 4-channel tape machine. In college at this time, Gary was an architecture student signed up to study abroad at the campus in Versailles, France. In his absence John and Jeff decided that it would be a fitting tribute and testament to their commitment to the new band to record a new batch of songs in their newly established home base in Jeff's small rented flat (referred to as La Cabane) and dedicate it to their pal Gary. The title would be One In Versailles, in his honor. The inspiration of Versailles, France became the basis of an imaginary long-distance romance between a boy and his overseas girlfriend. Despite the limited resources, limited equipment and strained working schedule, the elemental sounding One In Versailles proved to be a crucial link in the fundamental development of the band. The initial pressing of 300 copies have become sought-after collector's items among record collectors the world over. Appearing here on vinyl for the first time since its limited, 1975 pressing, the songs of One In Versailles provide a look inside the very earliest days of the band and represent a snapshot in the development of Shoes, one of the first do-it-yourself bands to embrace and capitalize on the home-recording technologies. The Shoes have released 20 recordings over the years. Really amazing album. Not so power-pop as the others. This has an underground charm, with lots of heavy guitar, great vocals and tight song-structure. It sails in-between a great wave/pop album with a touch of Spoils Of War avant-garde underground on a rough but clear ocean."