Eternal Triangle


"Eternal Triangle was a dream come true: bringing together two of my favorite musicians in the whole world with me on the stage of AngelicA. Two musicians capable of encompassing both the most earthly and natural and the most rarefied and cosmic dimensions of sound, spontaneously and often seamlessly. Drawing from inspiration and life experience. We certainly didn't know this performance was going to be Toshinori Kondo's last one outside of Japan, and his last concert with a band. This is why in opening the files to work on the mixing we were struck by the sensation of a journey into the unknown and by the fact that it was Kondo-sans trumpet that was guiding us onto this path. Once or twice every few thousand concerts one gets the impression of having touched 'that thing', the inexpressible, which gives meaning to the rest of time, to the rest of the journey. Like the efforts of the mythological alchemists' lab. This, which remained the first and only concert of Eternal Triangle, was indeed one of those rare moments of coronation." --Massimo Pupillo (May 23rd, 2022)

The 2019 edition of AngelicA presented, only a few days apart, two exceptional trios assembled around two legends of the improvised music scene: Peter Brötzmann and Toshinori Kondo. Travel companions since the '80s throughout countless experiences (including Die Like a Dog quartet, dedicated to Albert Ayler), the two found themselves in Bologna, this time as part of two different line-ups: Brötzmann was presenting the Italian premiere of his music trio with drummer Hamid Drake and the Gnawa musician Maâlem Moukhtar Gania (ANGELICA 041CD); Kondo was instead with Eternal Triangle -- a trio founded with bass player Massimo Pupillo and drummer Tony Buck which represented something completely new, even though the participants' paths had crossed on a few other occasions, since both Kondo and Bucks had already played with bassist Pupillo: more precisely as part of Hairy Bones (Brötzmann/Kondo/Pupillo/Nilssen-Love), and as part of the Buck/Pupillo duo. Musicians belonging to different generations and paths of life, all of which took them outside of the prearranged boundaries of their genre and instrument. In this concert in Bologna, which fatefully remained the trio's only one, the connection among the musicians appears perfect, creating a dialogue through which each one drew equally from their own experiences to add nuances to the sound palette, but it was undeniably -- as Pupillo recounts in the notes -- the Japanese master that acted as a real reference point to build the rich and feverish soundscapes that were being explored.