The Ultimate Acid Dreams Collection: US Psychedelic Punk


In 1979, a Berlin record store issued Acid Dreams, a compilation of American psychedelic garage punk in a simple op-art sleeve, pressed in an edition of only 77 copies. It was inspired by the Nuggets compilation that appeared on Elektra in 1972, but dug much deeper into US '60s pop culture than even that brilliant double LP set had dared to venture. Its emergence was only slightly predated by the first Pebbles compilation, which had appeared in Australia the year before. Acid Dreams was an instant classic. It defined the perfect garage psych compilation and went on to spawn sequels over the following decades. These include Acid Dreams Testament, Acid Dreams Epitaph (both on compact disc), The Return of Acid Dreams, the triple LP set Acid Dreams, and the last vinyl installments, Acid Dreams Volume Two and Acid Dreams Volume Three. Confusingly, these albums not only bore similar album titles, but also often duplicated tracks from other discs in the series. Now, in 2015, 36 years after that first volume, every recording that has ever been issued under the Acid Dreams banner (over 90 tracks, including many from 45s that go for upwards of a thousand dollars) has been brought together as The Ultimate Acid Dreams Collection, a five-CD collection that captures the sound of frustrated '60s American youth in its rebellious glory, either revved upon on teenage angst, tripping, stoned, or all three at once -- enjoy. Remastered sound; includes deluxe 32-page full-color booklet with background notes, detailed biographies, full discographies, and rarely seen pictures. An essential addition to any psych connoisseur's collection. Includes tracks by The Balloon Farm, The Music Machine, The Painted Faces, Velvet Illusions, The Unrelated Segments, The Outcasts, Murphy & The Mob, The Sparkles, The Painted Ship, Mouse & The Traps, Macabre, The Calico Wall, White Lightning, The Zakary Thaks, The Swamp Rats, The Shy Guys, The Bourbons, The Mind's Eye, The Stereo Shoestrings, The Caretakers of Deception, The Remaining Few, Teddy & His Patches, Indian Puddin' & Pipe, The Rogues, The Shag, The Fabs, The Crystal Chandelier, Larry & The Blue Notes, Phil & The Frantics, Richard Alvey & The Green Fuz, The Electric Prunes, The Regiment, Godfrey & Friends, The Keggs, Beaux Gens, The Elite, Soul Inc., The Driving Stupid, The Journey Men, The Tree, The Satyrs, The Alarm Clocks, Yesterday's Children, The Grodes, The Spades, The Avengers, The Dearly Beloved, The Preachers, The Sweet Acids, The Wilde Knights, The Split Ends, The Beautiful Daze, Faine Jade, The Little Bits, Kandy Kolored Konspiracy, The Red Crayola, Cellars, The Undertakers, Astral Projection, Owen B, The Invicta Way, The Humane Society, Majority One, The Survivors, The Muffetts, Tomorrow's Keepsake, Twas Brillig, Black River Circus, Lemon Fog, Kindred Spirit, Los Belmonts, Charlie Brown's Generation, The Regents, The Skunks, The Flower Power, The Stained Glass, The Purple Haze, The Growing Society, A Little Bit of Sound, The New Life, John Does, The New Arrivals, Fox & The Roadrunners, The King Biscuit Entertainers, and The Vejtables.