Killer Series 5:7

C%2FK 005EP C/K 005EP

"This is a track you wish you could just go up to and physically hug. Its got a great summer vibe that would even bring out the sunshine on a rainy day... all sounds hippie but Gabriel is one of those dudes that can manage to make it all sound like it's the coolest thing to even the likes of Lemmy from Motörhead. Yes, picture it, Lemmy and the whole world boppin' their heads to Gabriel Ananda's sweet, sweet music. B1. Pan/Tone - (Whodunit) - following with the flow, Pan/Tone hits it with a kiss by releasing this number sure to make everyone goes euphoric for the synth lines that smooth their way in like a beautiful woman wanting to cut in front of you at the grocery store. We say YES! And keep saying yes once the grooving bass line surfaces from the background just in time to hold your hand or lite your cigarette...whichever you prefer. It's all good in the woods. B2. Pan/Tone (P.S. U SUCK) - time for the happy fluffy feelings to take a back seat on this one. This drives to the point of what a techno party will eventually turn out to be. Grindy, sweaty over packed spaces that brings out the true you by defending your spot with elbows out. I know you've done this, It's not your fault...blame it on the aggressive bass line and the overall dark mood this track makes you feel. It growls out at you with its constant build up so you have no other choice but to growl back."