Paris au Printemps

VIR 12183CD VIR 12183CD

The last document of the quintessential line up of Lyndon/Levene/Wobble/Atkins, originally released in 1980. Recorded in Paris in January of 1980, in front on of many confused French lunks. Seemed somewhat unnecessary at the time, now sounds like an amazing last gasp & quite pleasing to hear. Has never been released in the US. "Lydon says he hates live albums. Paris Au Printemps -- PAP -- the best of two nights recorded in Paris this spring, is consumer service for people that would have shelled out vast sums for low-fi bootlegs of the (currently) extinct species, PiL live. It was cut for the cost of two reels of tape, and edited down in two hours, with none of the overdubbed parts common in live LPs Parisian non-comprehension of PiL in the spring of 1980 seems daft, given the quality of the music. But then, PiL's instinctive suspicion (and frequent rejection) of the way things like music and its means of production generally toddle along means they're disturbing, hence often resented. PiL seem to feel most secure when they're poised over the live wire in the Underground, checking out the noise of the onrushing train for possible recording potential. The bedrock is solid drumming, deliberately straightforward, the least imaginative element. Beyond that, it's Wobble's steady bass, teetering on the brink of the nimble jazz runs that displeased Lydon and Levene. Excellent, actually. Beyond that, it's Levene's extraordinary relationship to music; an obsessive perfectionism that leads him to loathe sounds that do not extend the known boundaries of contemporary Western popular music. Lydon luxuriates in his words, method acting the themes: greed, ignorance, stupidity. The intelligence is fierce, the delivery 3-D. The meaning behind the moaning gets clearer all the time." -- Vivien Goldman/NME 1980. Tracks: "Theme", "Chant", "Careering", "Bad Baby", "Attack", "Poptones", "Lowlife".