NEO.POP Part Two

1ST 002CD 1ST 002CD

"In the year 2001 a new idea, which has been developing to a great trend, was born by the Label 1st Decade. A trend which managed to wake up the Electro and Techno scene from its restraining coma of commerce within the last 9 months. In the meanwhile the inventors almost got the victims of their own concept...??? OK so let's start at the beginning: In Northern Lite a group with the same passion for electronic music had been found, but which didn't want to stop with the flowery and always equal sound structures of the last years. Therefore a sound developed which minimised electronic music to its original basis, but which is danceable and carries messages instead of word cases. Like many of its predecessors Northern Lite were always a step further than their contemporaries, so nobody really understood their music. Immediately their label had monetary problems. So a new solution had to be found, which should guarantee their survive. But gladly the Gods of creativity and of music were benevolently so they gave them a new concept: A new compilation was needed, a compilation on which they could mix their tracks with those of musically related artists. As people from all over the world with the same attitudes communicated per exchange of ideas through the www. The only thing missing was the accurate name, which was to be found: NEO.POP! On this double CD are the greatest tracks of the last months, including on CD 1 a digital mix and on CD 2 a hand made vinyl mix from one of the masterminds of the scene, Gunjah." Artists include: Golden Boy With Miss Kittin, Northern Lite, Peaches, Märtini Brös, Kristall, Slam, Autotune, E-Man, Marc Verbos, Mr. Lovelace, Flash & Gordon, Dan Maxem vs. Polygen, Green Velvet, Frank Müller vs Takkyu Ishino, Sigue Sigue Sputnik vs. Northern Lite, Steril, Nitsch & Gleinser, Kiko, John Starlight, Binge Purge, Ural 13 Diktators, FPU, Heinz, Felix Da Housecat, Queens Of Japan, Fisherspooner, Neon Man, Maru & Comix.